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BTEC TV and Film: Connotations Photo Exercise.

BTEC TV and Film:Connotations Photo Exercise.


This photo connotes weakness because it shows someone has been unable to resist temptation. This is shown by someone seeing the sign that says no entry and entering the area anyway despite whatever consequences may follow. This is a low medium shot to show him walking up the stairs whilst displaying the no entry sign. You cant see his face but only his action of walking through the barrier to show that these are the key points of the shot.


This image represents greed. The food been shown as bright, in focus and colourful to display how much there is and how it is something to savour whereas in the background you can see someone dressed dark and also with a smug smile in the background to show that possession of the food displayed may not be a good thing. This is a low angle shot so we were able fully display the food and incorporate the body language as relaxed and smug altogether.


This picture displays loneliness. The photo is quite a dark and dull one with the person looking away to indicate they are not expecting to feel seen. This is a wide shot to show her surroundings are emphasize the fact that although she has all this space around her there is still nobody there.


This photo represents purity. This image was chosen because not only is it a natural candid shot but also because she is wearing white which is supposed to be connected to purity. Its a medium shot so that youre able to see the natural expression in her face and body language.


This image represents wealth. The aim of this photo was to show wealth through taking a photograph of the camera that is an expensive product to be used and shown off. In this shot, the camera is in focus and the background is slightly out of it to display the fact that the camera is the superior part of the image.


This is a high up shot. This photo was taken to display love. That is shown in this photo by their relaxed expression and closeness. The warm undertones in the photo and bright lighting connotes happiness together.


This photo was taken to express desire and achievement. To express desire, we focused in on the gold trophy to show a craving to possess one. For achievement, we took it to show pride in what has been achieved by picturing it on display. We didnt use flash on this image because we thought it would create a glare in the reflection from the glass that would ruin the effect of the photo.


This photo was taken to display danger. We decided that the blur of the car was a good representation of danger to show how fast it was going. Also, the fact that there are two red cars crossing each other shows danger as red is usually affiliated with bad things.


This photo represents friendship. Its an eye level shot to show the two people walking together and even displays similarity by the same kind of clothing.


This image shows poverty. It does this by showing the shoes fraying and falling apart indicating that better ones cant be afforded. This is a medium shot to show the extent at which the shoes are collapsing.


This photo displays strength by capturing powerful statements on controversial topics. This image connotes strength also by the bold colours colours that create a strong contrast. This image focuses solely on these two pieces of work to demonstrate their importance.


This image displays fear by showing someone cowering to the ground and covering their face in protection to express feeling inferior. This was a medium shot so we could include the person on the ground and the superior person causing the fear peering over them.