Building coherent digital identity with a digital storytelling

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Building Coherent Digital Identity with a Digital Storytelling ePortfolio

Building Coherent Digital Identity with a Digital Storytelling ePortfolioDr. Beata M. Jones, Paige WeishaarTexas Christian ; #AAEEBL2016, February 29, 2016, Fort Worth, TX

Welcome!Beata Jones, Ph.D.Honors Faculty Fellow & PPP in Business Information SystemsWorking with portfolios for the past decade; with ePortfolios for the past 3 years

Paige WeishaarSenior Interior Design MajorWorking with ePortfolio for the past two years


Digital Identity

Storytelling, Digital Storytelling, and Digital Storytelling ePortfolio

Building Coherent Digital Identity through Effective Learning Context

Showcase & Reflection


Digital Identitythe sum of all digitally available information about an individual.

What does our digital identity say about us? What impact will it have on our future?

What does it say to future employers?

The choices we make in digital spaces often affect our physical lives.4

Digital Identity: Places and Spaces

Each time we post a picture, a blog, a status or a tweet, we are adding to our digital identity.

Each time we post a picture, a blog, a status or a tweet, we are adding to that digital identity. Our digital identities become increasingly more detailed, more scattered across the web, and bringing coherence to what we present, with an ePortfolio, is helpful to students and their potential employers.


Digital Identity: Impacts

Social & Legal Implicationse.g.,ReputationEmployabilityLawsuits

Storytelling: Once Upon a Time"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."-- Robert McKee

"Story is the vehicle to make sense of our lives."-- Anne Watson

"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds (with stories), can change the outer aspects of their lives."--William James

A Story: Definition

Digital Storytelling: DefinitionTelling of stories with digital technologies." (p.3)Multimodal stories (words, images, sound, movement) which are easily shared.

"[Digital Storytelling] has often been used to describeThe Center for Digital Storytellingcurriculum."(p. 40).

Adding Digital Aspect to Storytelling

Digital storytelling requires mastering not only of the story content, but also

media/technologies,titles, transitions, and the Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling.

The 7 Elements of Digital Storytelling

1.Point of View - The main point of the story and the perspective of the author in relation to the story.

2.A Dramatic Question- A key question that keeps the viewer's attention and will be answered by the end of the story.

3.Emotional Content- Serious issues that come alive in a personal and powerful way and connect the audience emotionally to the story.

4.The Gift of Your Voice- A way to personalize the story to help the audience understand the context and to get a stronger sense of the person behind the story

5.The Power of the Soundtrack- Music or other sounds that support and embellish the story.

6.Economy-Using just enough content to tell the story without overloading the viewer.

7.Pacing- The rhythm of the story and how slowly or quickly it progresses.

Principles of digital storytelling such as those popularized by Joe Lambert ( bring together narrative strategies and digital media to help people share their experiences11

Digital Storytelling ePortfolios

Digital Storytelling ePortfolio Examples

See of the 4 portfolios featured on


Building Coherent Digital Identity through Effective Learning Context

Building Coherent Digital Identity through Effective Learning Context

Who Am I? - Self-Discovery

Reflected Best-Self ExercisePersonal Brand Profile Development

How Do I Appear? - Social Media Stock

Digital Icebreakers & Community BuildingSocial Media Audit ExerciseLinkedIn Workshop

How Do I Tell My Story? - ePortfolio

Templates and SamplesStory of Me WorksheetMentoring, Formative Feedback & RubricsResources Linking

Who Am I? - Reflected Best-Self Exercisea feedback seeking exercise that helps you identify and understand your unique strengths and talents. After you gather feedback from significant people in your life, the RBSE guides you through the process of creating a portrait of your best self and an action plan for leveraging your strengths.

Who Am I? - Personal Brand Development

How Do I Appear? - Digital Icebreakers

Prepare a Visual Resume/Introduction to be shared with the class.The Visual Resume should tell who you are as a person (hometown, major(s), strengths, what you do for fun, what youre passionate about, social media platforms used), as a learner (learning style, best learning experience), and as a professional (goals in life, perfect job), using a digital platform of your choice, e.g., prezi, slideshare, youtube, glogster. Please limit yourself to about 20 slides/2 minutes.

How Do I Appear? Social Media Audit

How Do I Appear LinkedIn Workshop

How Do I Tell My Story? -ePortfolios: Templates & Samples


How Do I Tell My Story? - Story of Me Worksheet

How Do I Tell My Story? - Mentoring, Formative Feedback & Rubrics

How Do I Tell My Story? ePortfolio Resources

Learning Context ReflectionIndividual ReflectionDeveloping Personal Brand Goals/ProgressExternal PerspectiveReflected Best Self ExerciseSocial Media AuditLaunching PointsStory of Me WorksheetTemplates & Resources

By doing some initial reflection and soul-searching, I was able to better understand what makes me, me, as well as define my own personal brand and tagline. This branding became crucial when composing my digital story: helping to direct every decision I made when creating my ePortfolio. In short, if it didnt support my personal brand or my future goals or ambitions, I didnt add it.

The reflected best self exercise reaffirmed what I had previously discovered in my personal brand profile and expanded my understanding of who I am and what I do when I am at my best. I was given a better idea of my reoccurring positive personal qualities, and leaned on these qualities when telling my story. If you havent done it before, its a pretty nice feel-good exercise as well.

The social media audit exercise was very helpful too as it allowed me to take a step back and see, through another individuals eyes, how I am already perceived online. If you didnt like what you saw, you had the opportunity to refine the way you presented yourself, or you could use that experience as a precursor towards telling your digital story.

Lastly, we learned how to steal like an artist. Template prompts and class worksheets/exercises throughout the semester acted as launching points to tell my story. I was given all of the tools, whether that was inspiration from sample portfolios offering the possibilities of digital storytelling, or various digital resources to creatively showcase my story. I was given all of the necessary tools, all that was left was to make it happen.

All of these parts and pieces lead to Showcase


Walk through ePortfolio-talk about the various things I did with the template provided: background, cover photo, adding text, photo rich, and media templates. -whats my story? Chronicle of my time at TCU- what Ive done (classes) and what my future plans (goals) are after graduation. All of which are really relevant seeing as I graduate in May. Ive also used it as a platform to showcase my work, portfolio, and resume for future employers.

Overall, Ive tried to make the site interactive and easy to read.

The Value of the Experience ReflectionGreater Self-Awareness/ ReflectionInterdisciplinary LearningDirectly Applicable to Other Opportunities!about/cjg9

Not only did I gain a greater understanding of my digital identity, but my identity in general. Two years later, I still find motivation in the articles I wrote when creating my digital platform.

ePortfolios allowed me to step back and reflect on my experiences at school, offering an insight on where Ive been and where I want to go. Without taking the time to reflect on my experiences and craft my story, I dont think Id be able to fully appreciate what Ive received and what Ive had the chance to accomplish.

Im a firm believer in interdisciplinary learning. I think you can gain a lot from thing not traditionally seen to relate to each other. Its a concept experienced a lot in the design profession when project inspiration is drawn from nature, food, popular culture, etc. The ePortfolio platform exposes students to this type of learning and helps them realize that they can draw knowledge and inspiration from any course they take, even if it is a skill as simple as time management, or perseverance. I myself, was able to make connections between courses and see how my experiences in and out of the classroom relate to one another as well as TCUs mission.

Whats more, Ive found value in ePortfolios as base builder for multiple other forms of media and employment opportunities. The knowledge, insight, and learning gathered from constructing my digital story has been directly applicable for use within resumes, portfolios, websites, and applications for employment.

Effectiveness Evidence

Iunderstand thepurpose(s) and potential uses of ePortfoliosto contribute to my growth as a learner and the development of my professional digital identity.I can identify and provide specific examples of theknowledge and skills Ive gained from different types of learningexperiences.I understand theimportance of connecting the knowledgeIve gained from one place (e.g., the skills gained working with others on a service project), to other situations (e.g., working with a team to plan and produce a group presentation in class).I understand and can demonstrate how my variedlearning experiences are connected tocertain desiredlearning outcomesof the university (e.g., demonstrations of ethical leadership, responsible citizenship, and ethical participation in the global community).I can demonstrate (through an essay, paper, presentation, video, ePortfolio page, etc.) theknowledge/skillsIve gainedfrom pursuing an area of study, or engaging in a series of actions,that reflect my passions and interests.I can identify significant, impactful learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, andthoughtfully reflect upon how those experiences have shaped/changed my understanding of self, others, and/or the world.I understand theneed to develop a professional digital identitythat is distinct from a typical Facebook, LinkedIn, or other similar online identity.I believe it is important todevelop and maintain a professional digital identitythat demonstrates my knowledge, skills, values, goals and contributions to the human community.

Digital Identity ePortfolio BONUS

Thank You!Beata Jones, Ph.D.

Paige Weishaar


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