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2. Purpose of AssessmentPrimary:To make an inference about the test takerslanguage abilitySecondary: PlacementSelection DiagnosisCertificate 3. Test takers purposePrepare for the testReview their Take the learningtest processReceivetestresultsThrough these processes, they learn to developtheir language ability. 4. To help test takers make the most out of these learningprocesses, simply leaving everything up to them would notbe enough. 5. Teaching Assessment Literacy There are at least two reasons for teaching assessmentliteracy to test takers: 6. First, it is important for the test taker to overcome apsychological barrier and make the best use ofassessment. If holding fear or anxiety towards the test is normal among test takers, helping them to be relieved from such a negative emotion becomes crucial. 7. Second, it seems unlikely that test takers are motivatedby tests unless they are actively involved in theprocess. How to get them involved in the process?By preparing them for examinations. 8. Choice of the exam 9. Exam formatPapersContentPurposeMarks (% of the total) 10. Exam preparationResources (teachers and test takers)MaterialsPast papers (Official preparation materials)Books for self studyFree materials 11. Exam dates: set a realistic goalWhen?Where? 12. Qualities of good testingpractice: Quality and fairness Quality this means validity, reliability, impact andpracticality. Validity The extent to which exam marks can be considered a true reflection of underlying ability. Reliability The extent to which test results are consistent, accurate and, therefore, dependable. Impact The positive effect of a test on test takers, including society as a whole. Practicality The extent to which a test is workable in terms of the resources needed. 13. Behind the scenes ofCambridge English Exams 14. ConclusionAssessment literacy should be incorporated in a learningtraining programme.The importance of monitoring the system of learningstrategies.The promotion of assessment literacy not only among testtakers but also among teachers.


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