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Can /cant


Expressing ability

We use the modal verb Can to express that we know how to do something. The negative form is cant or cannot (more formal). Can and cant are always followed by a verb in the infinitive.

Read the following sentences aloud.

My brother can play the piano.

Michael Phelps can swim very well.

The girl can ride a bike.

The babies cant read.

He cant run 10 km.

Can dogs speak?

No, they cant.

Can cats climb trees?

Yes, they can.

Can you speak English?

weYes, you can. I

Expressing permission

We also use can /cant to ask for and give permission.

Can I go to the toilet, please?

Yes, you can.

Can I speak to Homer Simpson, please?

No, you cant. Hes sleeping at the moment.


And we use can to ask somebody to do something! Can you .., please?

Can you close the door, please?

Can you turn on the lights, please?

Can you pass me some water, please?