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  1. 1. Caucus : Next Steps LEADMN | Caucuses 01/4/201
  2. 2. My Caucus Experience LEADMN
  3. 3. What is a Caucus? A meeting at which local members of a political party pick their preference among candidates running for office, select delegates to attend a convention or decide on issues they care about. LEADMN
  4. 4. Why are they so important? You get to pick the partys endorsed candidates Party Platform is a place to get our voices heard LEADMN
  5. 5. Questions?? LEADMN | Caucuses 01/4/201
  6. 6. YOUR TITLE HERE How to Table And/or Clip Board: Role Play! Who wants to play the Student? Breakdown What are some best practices you notices in that example? What could I have done better? Did I forget to ask something? Any best practices you noticed? Things we can do to make this interaction more engaging? Your Turn!! Pick a partner and practice! LEADMN
  7. 7. Brainstorm What are some tactics and strategies to get students to stop and listen? LEADMN
  8. 8. Set them up by emailing the professor. I have a template in the packet. Here is an example: Who wants to play the student? Rowdy Lots of questions Class clown Break it down: What stood out to you during the class rap? What could be done differently? What did you notice about the volunteer ask? Could it be more engaging and if so how? Class Raps/ Announcements LEADMN
  9. 9. Brainstorm What are some ideas that will make it go smoother? LEADMN
  10. 10. Volunteer Follow-Up Step 1: Keep Track of you Volunteers Enter then into a spreadsheet as soon as possible. Include: Name Phone # (Most piece of information) Email Notes- What do they care about? Step 2: Invite them to volunteer with you via text message Hi Ms. Frizzle! This is CC, we met yesterday when I pledged you to caucus on Feb 6th , 2018. Since you are so passionate about affordable tuition, can you table with me on Wednesday from 12-1:30 in the cafeteria? Step 3: Get to know them Ask questions to build up a relationship Do something fun! Step 4: Start to pull them into senate Invite them to their first GA or to come hang out in the senate office. If you do bring them to GA make sure you greet them, introduce them to some folks, and help them feel confortable in that space. www.yourwebsite.comLEADMN
  11. 11. Questions?? LEADMN | Caucuses 01/4/201
  12. 12. YOUR TITLE HERE Caucus Com petition: LEADMN