Cause and effect approach in writing term papers

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Cause and effect approach in writing term papers


  • 1. Cause And EffectApproach in Writing Term Papers Presented by
  • 2. The nature of your assignment andthe expectations of your evaluator determine the approach you take when writing term paper. While some evaluators may state plainly that you take a cause and effective approach in your termpaper writing assignment, some may not.
  • 3. A cause and effect approach in writingterm papers is most suitable when yourinstructor expects you to investigateprobable causes of a certainphenomenon and the effects. When writing term papers of a causeand effect nature, every pointshould be illustrated in a specificparagraph.
  • 4. A cause and effect approach inwriting term papers is most suitablewhen your instructor expects you toinvestigate probable causes of acertain phenomenon and the effects.
  • 5. So how do you write a term paper in the cause and effect approach?To write an effective cause and effect paper select a topic, after which you should answer the following questions: Why did you choose your thesis statement? What causative factor leads to the effect? What effect will you be analyzing? What is the primary causative factor? What is the relationship between the cause and effect?
  • 6. The term paper should adopt the structure statedbelow, although there is room for modifying basedon the requirements of the subject and institution.{a}The introductionThe introduction should focus on introducingto the reader the cause and effect that willbe investigated. In addition, it is in theintroduction that you give backgroundinformation of your research topic.
  • 7. {b} The bodyThis section of a term paper focuses ondemonstrating and proving that indeed,there is a relationship between thevariables under investigation. In thissection, support your claim withirrefutable facts from credible sources.
  • 8. {c} The conclusionA conclusion provides you anopportunity to cement yourargument, with the help ofillustrations drawn from the body.The conclusion sums up thediscussion through pointing outlogical observations that were made.
  • 9. Just like any other form ofassignment, you must provide abibliography to the term paper, inorder to give credibility andauthority to your work.
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