Christian Attitudes Towards War

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  • Christian attitudes towards war

  • starterWhat do all these people have in common?

  • ...they are all Christians!What is different about these people?

  • Bono and MLKOne love get a clip of chorus from mary J

  • Joan of Arc and George W BushBelieve that war can be justified in certain circumstancesBecause

  • ...some Christians believe it can be justified to fight in a war and some think it is always wrong.

    Why do you think some Christians choose to go to war?

  • What is this image showing? Do you agree with the artist? Remove pic and save for pacifism/nuclear war

  • Plenary (remove but save as evidence)A Christian should never fight in a war.

    Do you agree? In your answer, show that you have considered more than one point of view.

  • GCSE Question Jesus preached peace so all Christians should be against violent warfare

    Do you agree?

    Include Christians who believe this approach