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Paul Shotsberger


<ul><li> 1. The potential impact aChristian ethic of care canhave on structures andsystems of schools ofeducationPaul Shotsberger</li></ul> <p> 2. Christian ethic of care God + Noddings ethic of care Biblical structures The transformational effect of aChristian ethic of care 3. Organic structures Organic imagery of the Bible The problem of typical Christianleadership models Moving away from hierarchy towardmore organic structures Example: How we communicate 4. Characteristics Networked structure Shared authority Kingdom-based frameworks 5. Implications Leadership gifts Master plan vs. organic order 6. ImplicationsOrganizational ToolMaster Plan Organic Order Patterns Prescriptive there is a bestDescriptive people canway for people to belong, and belong in a variety of ways,this plan will tell them what it isand they are free to belong in one or many ways ParticipationRepresentative people must Individual people canparticipate in the way the planparticipate in ways that fittells them tothem as individualsMeasurement Bottom Line There is only one Story effectiveness canway to measure effectiveness be measured in multiple ways Growth Bankrupt resources will only Sustainable resourcesbe available at the beginning of will be available through thethe project, and we must life of the project, and moremaximize their use from theresources will becomeoutset available for the project in the futurePower Positional power is limited to a Revolving power isfewshared by several Coordination Cooperation control is built Collaboration everyonesinto the plan to avoid solutions and creativity aredisorganization and chaosinvited Partners Accountability the path to Edit-ability the path towholeness is a set of laws; ourwholeness is grace, whichactions are limited to fulfillingcan be shared in athose laws multitude of waysLanguageNoun-centric our experienceVerb-centric wordshas limits and can only be cannot fully express whatexpressed in prescribed ways we are experiencingResources Scarcity it is dangerous toAbundancy there will be (Myers,presume that we will havemany opportunities to findenough to meet our needs resources 2007) 7. But is it practical? Kingdom of God then Kingdom of God now Where to begin? 8. Cultivating care andconnectionRecognizing that we cannot guaranteethe outcome, we can still strive tocreate the conditions under whichseeds will grow into healthy andbountiful plants. Gregory Smith Cultivating care and connections Educational Studies (2004) 9. Questions?Please feel free to contact</p>