Citing your sources - avoiding plagiarism

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Introduction to international student at the University of Agder 2009/2010. What is plagiarism, and how avoid it by citing your sources correctly.

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  • 1. Citing your sources avoiding plagiarism Henry Langseth Agder University library, 2009 Picture: Udronotto 2007
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  • 4. What do you mean plagiarism?! Source: "plagiarism n." The New Oxford American Dictionary, second edition. Ed. Erin McKean. Oxford University Press, 2005. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Agder University. 7 October 2009
  • 5. Plagiarism-quiz
    • Copying a paragraph word by word from a source without any acknowledgement. Plagiarism?
  • 6. Plagiarism-quiz
    • Copying a paragraph from a source in another language, translating and inserting it into the text. Full reference in bibliography. Plagiarism?
  • 7. Plagiarism-quiz
    • Short summary of article integrated in section with source cited in text and list of references.
  • 8. Plagiarism-quiz
    • You hand in the same assignment in two different classes, only with minor adjustments. Plagiarism?
  • 9. Cite your sources get it right
    • Reference list
      • Complete overview of all sources cited
      • Choose one style for your references
      • Use the same style troughout the list
      • Normally listed right after conclusion
  • 10. Cite it right organising your references
    • Example: Book with one author
    • Last name, First initial. (Year). Title of the book in italics (Edition if available). Place of publication: Publisher.
    • Fitzgerald, F. S. (1926). The Great Gatsby : Chatto & Windus: London.
    • -> Always find the correct format for your source
  • 11. So, reference list.. bibliography..whatever thats it?!
  • 12. Part 2: Citing sources
    • We need a reference in the text that makes the link to the endnote/footnote
    • E.g.
    • Blablablablabla (Fitzgerald, 1926). Blablabla
    Fitzgerald, F. S. (1926). The Great Gatsby : Chatto & Windus: London.
  • 13. NEVER too many sources
  • 14. Part 3: Quoting sources
    • Direct quote
    • Indirect quotation
    • Summary
    Students do not always see the importance of citing all sources in written work. Serious academic literature authors use sources, and they cite the sources they use" (Spangen, 2007, p. 9). This is just as important when writing a semester assignment as when writing a scientific dissertation.
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  • 18. Thank you for your attention!
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