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<p>Climb On!</p> <p>ByKeating, Dylan, Seth, and Quentin</p> <p>1This app is designed for anyone looking to have a good time climbing from exit 32 through 38. This app helps you plan rock climbing trips, find walls, and enjoy a laugh with your friends. </p> <p>2People want to climb in an area outside and don't know where the best places to go are.A lot of these climbers live in Washington and we figured we would give them a hand. </p> <p>3The problem people face is that they want to climb but don't know where the routes are. Half of the day is spent finding the right route to attempt.</p> <p>4Where are the best places to climb close by Seattle?This is the main question we asked ourselves when starting this challenge. We really wanted to inspire people to go out and climb, maybe just to have some time in the forest.</p> <p>5The Climb On team is developing a mobile app to help climbers who want to go out and climb but don't know where the best walls are.One of our members, Seth Yager, has experienced this problem before.</p> <p>6Mrs. Campbell-Harris, a rock climber in the Seattle area ,told us that in the learning section we should include safety and knots as well as technique.</p> <p>7</p> <p>8</p> <p>9</p> <p>10</p> <p>11FeasabilityThis app is feasible because pretty much all the information in the app is pre-programmed.We will have custom google maps set in to direct people to the walls.Photos will help people spot their climb.This app is also feasible because nothing in the app is not App-Inventor supported. Things like customizable lists can be created by a combination of lists and sprites, and all maps and GPS features are supported by App-Inventor friendly API like Google Maps. All computer generated graphics are pre-created in a visual engine before being recorded and implemented.</p> <p>12CompetitionOur only real competition will be books. Many climbers already have books and they are comfortable using them.Books may have all the routes and walls but they don't have tracking, 911 calling, or jokes.Also, if someone doesn't have a book, our app would be much cheaper.</p> <p>13Check out our Website!ClimbOn Official Website</p> <p>14</p>