Cloud computing and software engineering

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  • Cloud Computing


    Software Engineering

    Ravindra Dastikop

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  • Purpose

    Cloud represents at the same time a new emerging

    opportunity and new challenge

    This presentation aims to identify the challenges

    inherent to cloud applications and suggests some

    approaches towards the same.

  • Agenda for PresentationWhat is a Cloud Application? (project) Cloud resources for cloud application

    developersCloud application examplesGeneral examplesCloud applications (that our students have

    built) A sample cloud Application demoQ & A session Summary

  • Evolution of Computer


  • Desktop Applications

    Full control and ownership of machine, data, software

  • Web Application

    No ownership, data stored elsewhere, application comes from service provider

  • Rich, remote and responsive (now)

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  • Goal of Cloud Applications

    Cloud application represents the state of

    art in application development

    They try to combine best of both worlds -

    richness of desktop with

    remoteness of web applications

  • Cloud Application : Meaning

    Cloud computing applications are the applications available

    as SaaS over the internet

    which facilitates the user to run those applications without

    installing them on his own computer.

    This saves the cost of infrastructure and hardware


    In general cloud computing customers do not own the

    infrastructure but use it from a third party provider as a


  • Cloud Application : Where do they come from?

    Cloud computing applications are loaded at the server of service provider and the service provider give access to these applications through an interface using internet.

    Every customer has its own unique account from which they log on to the cloud of the provider and access the application they have paid for.

    Service provider also provides space at his own server for the customers data.

  • CloudApp : A Simple Example

    CloudApp allows you to share as well as save files easily on the web. It works well for links, images,

    video and music. Check out how the entire thing


    Select a file

    Drag the file to the menu bar


  • Any Questions?

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Statelessness and server failures are givens in the cloud

    The big difference between a traditional application and cloud application is that cloud application itself is able to provision the resources that the application needsUsing APIs applications for cloud can be designed so that they request more resources from the cloud provider

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Cloud Applications have to be stateless

    If cloud application has states, it becomes a challenge

    In cloud if something dies, you kill it and reincarnate

    There is no concept of a local disk, no registry

    All these is encapsulated by being a stateless


  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Cloud applications need to be designed for

    redundancy and should acknowledge that commodity

    machines are being used in the cloud

    It is a guarantee that machines are going to fail, hence

    cloud application need to designed for redundancy

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceCloud Apps parts can be scattered in many places

    Presentation layer might be on the Facebook storage could be on Amazons S3

    application logic could run somewhere else entirely

    In traditional applications, entire application used to built on own servers

    Building cloud application requires solid engineering and design

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Database are not same in the cloud

    Cloud databases are non-relational schema-free

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Database are not same in the cloud


    Google App Engine uses Googles Big Table data store

    for persistent storage. Big Table is not a SQL

    database, and the reason for that is because some of

    the functionalities supported by SQL databases - for

    example- joins- make it very difficult to split a

    database across multiple machines

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Database are not same in the cloud

    In cloud database using Big Table - denormalization

    is encouraged from the design phase.

    This enables developers to store data in multiple

    places at the same time. As a consequence

    applications run very efficient queries

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Database are not same in the cloud

    What developers have found that in very high-traffic

    situations, relational databases are extremely

    difficult to manage and that ends up being a huge

    money and resource sink for developers

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Get used to rapid change in the cloud

    Things change much more rapidly in the cloud.

    Cloud providers offer new releases several time a year

    and each upgrade might have something a developer

    wants to take advantage of

    A developer need to stay abreast of those developments,

    keep eye on lot of the different blogs and also particpate

    in webinars

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    Developer need to be aware of different design

    patterns such as eventual consistency- in which a

    change to an application might not register for a few

    million seconds. The consequence of that is that you

    can not utilize a database to keep track of the next


    This needs a different programming approach when

    they are utilizing the cloud because of such things

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceDevelopers can let go most of plumbing concerns

    in the Cloud

    The loosely coupled nature of web makes it an easier development platform.

    Developers can focus on innovation and business logic

    instead of worrying about plumbing and infrastructure such

    as the operating system and hardware.

    Cloud service providers offer security, workflow,

    administration and load-balancing as seperate modules

  • Cloud Apps: The difference

    One enterprise wanted to build college

    admission applications on Microsofts .NET

    platform but found that it was many times

    cheaper to develop on this is

    because of its use of pre-built functionality.

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  • Cloud Apps: The differenceDevelopers need to keep in mind the

    difference between cloud platforms and

    licensing models different cloud models have

    different pricing models

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceDevelopers should develop applications in such a way

    that they could be moved off that platform

    For example, Google enables such mobility by

    supporting the popular Python language and the

    Django web framework and supports open source

    uploading and downloading tools for moving data in

    and out of GAE

  • Software engineering

    Software engineering is the application of systematic,

    disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development,

    operation, and maintenance of software

    Cloud computing offers new possibilities for

    multilateral software

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceASPECT Traditional

    Softwaremultilateral development (Cloud

    Software Composition

    coherent set of software modules

    interoperable third party components

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceASPECT Traditional Software multilateral

    development ( Cloud

    source code

    full source available no source code for third party companies

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceASPECT Traditional Software multilateral

    development ( Cloud

    execution model

    single computer often distributed between multiple computeres

  • Cloud Apps: The differenceASPECT Traditional Software multilateral

    development ( Cloud

    Ownership and control

    single team or enterprise

    distributed between multiple enterr

  • Cloud Apps: ChallengesASPECT cloud computing Challenge

    Source code

    No source code for third party compoenents

    system comprehension

    Execution model

    often distributed between multiple computers

    state inspection and debugging

    Ownership and control

    distributed separation of ownership

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  • Cloud Apps: key principles

    The Map-Reduce paradigm for independent


    schema-free databases and their use

    service-oriented computing


    security and compliance

    design for resilience


  • Cloud Apps: promises

    Reduced development time through use of

    high-level service

    maximum utilization of resources: pay for

    what u use

    reduced operation costs

    increased development productivity

  • Cloud Computing Resources

    What is available for developers

  • Cloud Application Building ResourcesOpen source Java C# DotNet AJAX- real time collaboration GAE- Google Application Engine PHP It provides web developers with a full suite of tools for

    building dynamic websites Python: integrate your systems more effectively API - Royal route resources Google APIs, Facebook

    Commercial AWS - Amazon Web services Microsoft Azure

  • Any Questions?

  • Developing a Cloud Application


  • Cloud applications using Open sources

    Cloud Teaching System using

    Google Application Engine(GAE)

    (Our Final Year Project)

    A Placed and Happy Student

  • My Maps Locator

    developed using Google Map API

    Challenge is customizing it for Mobile

    A simple Cloud application

  • Examples- Business

    Housing Maps Route Finder

  • Facebook Game

    Deployed on AWS.


    Best ExampleTwitter

  • Cloud Application Using Open Source

    Social site aggregator



    ( A Final Year Project )

  • CloudCourse: An Open source cloud application

    CloudCourse is a course scheduling system. It is built on



  • Cloud Applications using Open Source


    Procures Facebook users data and Plots on Google

    Uses Flex, Google Maps API, Facebook API

    Final Year Project

    A Happy Student

  • Training and Placement cell ( PES, Mandya

    Training and Placement cell

    using Google App Engine and Google APP Store

  • Virtualization Project ( NIE, Mysore)

  • Cloud Computing for SMES- BVB Students

    Cloud Computing for SMEs

    First version of this project is done by a group of Hyderabad engineering students.

    BVB gr oup is build it further on

  • FaceBook Applications

    Developing a Facebook Application: First Step

    Developing FB applications: Tools

  • Blog Post Translator Application Objective:

    To translate Blog post in English to Different languages

    Resource used

    Google App Engine- A Paas Solution Google Translate API

    Language: Python

  • AWS Applications

    Building Your First Cloud Application on AWS

  • MS in Software Engineering

  • To be Presented atRecent Advances in Web Technologies,

    St.Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore,

    27-29 Jan, 2011

    Cloud Computing:Engineering Approach

    click here to see updated version Ravindra Dastikop

    email :

  • Purpose

    In this this presentation , we explain why cloud applications business

    appeal list challenges encountered during

    development of cloud scale applicationsprovide an introduction to newly emerging

    discipline Cloud EngineeringShare our experience of Cloud Engineering


    Agenda for Presentation Challenges- Developing a cloud

    application?Cloud Engineering Discipline for

    develop cloud applicationsQ & ASummary


    Emergence of Cloud Computing Age

    Cloud has become a preferred destination for enterprises to host applications

    Designing and building applications for the Cloud requires specialized skills

    It demands a new mind set and also architecrual thinking (MS)

  • Understanding Cloud Phenomenon

    In order to understand Cloud Engineering, it is necessary to know about Cloud Computing and Cloud application. Please refer to the following presentations before u proceed further

    Cloud computing- Foundation of Cloud computing Cloud application- Fruits of Cloud Computing

  • The Challenge

    Developing Cloud scale Applications

  • Cloud Application: An Example

    The Cloud Evolution


    allows something as fun and simple as sharing of images, links, music, videos and files by simple choosing a file and drag it to the menu bar to be easy, faster and reliable

    by providing short link automatically copied to your clipboard that you can use to share your upload with co-workers and



    Why cloud-deployable applications?

    Cloud computing infrastructure is an interesting proposition because of its

    Pay-per-use modelAbility to leverage the benefits of platform

    as a services.Result: Cloud application is

    A major requirement (business)A challenge for developers

  • How a FREE Cloud Application can become a business

    Cloudapp Pro is available with more features and is now charged


    Challenges in Cloud Computing

    Number 1. Business Continuity and Service Availability Number 2. Data Lock-In Number 3. Data Confidentiality/Auditability Number 4. Data Transfer Bottlenecks Number 5. Performance Unpredictability Number 6: Scalable Storage Number 7: Bugs in Large-Scale Distributed Systems Number 8: Scaling Quickly Number 9: Reputation Fate Sharing Number 10: Software Licensing


  • Cloud engineering- Business Reason

    Cloud services typically deliver commodity-like capabilities, often with consumer-grade service-level agreements, and organizations will be dealing with the inherent challenges in this business model


    Requirements of Cloud application

    High reliability Dynamic scalability

    Millions of usersVolumes of data

    Low latencyAcross all layers



    Cloud EngineeringBuilding Cloud applications

  • Cloud Engineering

    Cloud Engineering is the process of designing the systems necessary to leverage the power and economics of cloud resources to solve business problems.

  • Cloud Engineering An Analogy

    Comparing CE with Transportation engineering

  • Transportation engineering ( Golden Qudrangle

  • Transportation engineering

    Build Roads

  • Transportation engineering

    Build Vehicles ( Applications)

  • Transportation Engineering

    Develop Standard Practices (Rules)

  • Cloud engineering Cycle






    3 4



    Engineering Perspective

    Research and Practical challenges


    A cloud application: Ticketing System

    Describe the systems

  • Cloud Engineering : Simple definition

    Cloud engineering is the process of designing systems to leverage cloud



    Challenge No 1: High ReliabilityServices without any disruption

    Vertical scaling Adding more CPUs and Disks Example: A Dating web site scaled up their application

    to handle over a billion requests per month by moving to 512 GB RAM, 32 CPU Machine

    Cost 100K USD ( costly high-end configuration Horizontal scaling

    Second option is to use run application on commodity hardware, scaling horizontally by adding more box, as the need to scale up arose

    Moving application to cloud


    Applications scale up

    Scaling up must happen in all tiers web, messaging and database


    Scaling Up database-1

    Databases are not built for scaleThe primary factor for scaling up a database is

    disk I/O performanceVertical Scaling can be achieved by adding high-

    end disks with greater speeds...