Cloud computing using Eucalyptus

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The basic layout or model of implementing a cloud (private) using Eucalyptus and Xen.


<ul><li> 1. Deploying infrastructure as a service(IaaS)..03-11-2012 BPPIMT 1</li></ul> <p> 2. Overview of cloud computing03-11-2012 BPPIMT 2 3. Necessity of cloud : Reduced cost.Increased Security. Efficient management of resources. High reliability.Easy identification of faults. High scalability.03-11-2012 BPPIMT 3 4. Why Eucalyptus? Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs To Useful System Eucalyptus is the worlds most widely deployed software platform for on-premise (private) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. It uses existing infrastructure to create a scalable, secure web services layer that abstracts compute, network and storage to offer IaaS. Eucalyptus can be dynamically scaled up or down depending on application workloads.03-11-2012BPPIMT 4 5. Components of Eucalyptus:EUCALYPTUS:CloudWalrus,ClusterNodecommunicate Storage ControllerControllers Controllers Controllers (CLC) with cluster(CCs) (NCs) components(SCs)03-11-2012BPPIMT 5 6. Components of Eucalyptus Node Controller controls the execution, inspection, and terminating of VM instances on the host where it runs. Cluster Controller gathers information about and schedules VM execution on specic node controllers, as well as manages virtual instance network.03-11-2012 BPPIMT6 7. Components continued.. Storage Controller (Walrus) is a put/get storage service that implements Amazons S3 interface, pro- viding a mechanism for storing and accessing virtual machine images and user data. Cloud Controller is the entry-point into the cloud for users and administrators. It queries node man- agers for information about resources, makes high- level scheduling decisions, and implements them by making requests to cluster controllers.03-11-2012BPPIMT7 8. Architecture of Eucalyptus03-11-2012 BPPIMT8 9. Front End &amp; Ubuntu 12.04 In this cloud setup, the front end is represented by CLC &amp; CC . The same machine will run both CLC &amp; CC. We will be using Ubuntu 12.04(precise pangolin) running on our front end. The front end is actually ,the resource collector , distribution is achieved through the power of Walrus.The SC , will be a SAN based virtualized RAID devices.03-11-2012BPPIMT9 10. Back End and XEN ServerXen, is the underlayingtechnology used byeucalyptus. Xen hypervisor The first guest operating system,allows several guest operating called in Xen terminologysystems to be executed on the domain 0 (dom O), is booted same computer hardware automatically when theconcurrently. Xen partitions ahypervisor boots and given single physical machine into special management privileges multiple virtual machines, toand direct access to all physical provide server consolidation andhardware by default. The systemutility computing. Existingadministrator can log into applications and binaries run domO in order to manage anyunmodified. The hypervisor further guest operating systems,controls the MMU, CPUcalled domain U (domU) in scheduling, and interruptXen terminologycontroller, presenting a virtual machine to guests.03-11-2012 BPPIMT 10 11. Architecture of XEN03-11-2012 BPPIMT 11 12. CREATIVE TEAM :ABHISHEK DEY ---&gt; PROJECT LEADAAYUSHI JAIN---&gt;SETUP AND INSTALL DIYA GHOSH---&gt;NETWORKING ABHISHEK GUPTA---&gt;MAINTENANCE ANURAG PRAJAPAT---&gt;SETUP AND DEPLOY SAIKAT DESHMUKH---&gt;SECURITY03-11-2012BPPIMT 12 </p>


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