Coaches' Personal Learning Environments

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A PDF version of a presentation I made at the IASI Symposium in Calgary, June 2007. I wanted to explore some ideas around PLE and included Stephen Downes's work specifically as he was a graduate of the University of Calgary.

Text of Coaches' Personal Learning Environments

Coaches Personal Learning

EnvironmentsKeith Lyons

Personalised Learning Environments

Web 2.0

Web 2.0

PLE is an approach to supporting learning.

This involves the use of different practices using social software in different contexts.

The PLE is what occurs in people's heads and our job is to provide flexible, rich and useful ingredients, devices, resources, and opportunities for interaction.

Mash Up

Anytime, Anywhere?

It is an ecology of learning in which both the learner and their environment respond flexibly to constant change in interaction with each other.

At the heart of personalisation is the understanding that learning environments comprise the totality of factors with which the learners interact, including people, spaces and resources.