Computer literacy for ESL students

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  • 1. Computer Literacy Classes for English Language Learners Barb Hauck-Mah 973-365-4044 x7

2. What you need to get started: Partnership with literacy organizations Weekly computer access Instructor with 1 volunteer for every 3 students (fluency in another language not required) Lessons and handouts in English Flexibility Computer literacy is the goal 2 ELL Computer Literacy Class Checklist 3. Publicize need 2 months before start Targets: Website, newsletter, schools, community, Book Clubs and library regulars Training session 2 weeks before AND Weekly communication via email pre and post classes 3 Recruiting Volunteers 4. Need name, phone number and library card. Email if available 1) In person at library 2) In person at outreach site 3) By phone Screen for English fluency 4) By email (teacher or family) 4 Registering Students 5. Websites with visuals Language translation option for internet and email Created handouts in English (pdf and links on RT Library website) 5 Materials Used 6. Goodwill Community Foundation English (for teachers) Spanish (for students) 6 Good Bilingual Online Resource 7. Partnership: Rockaway Twp Library & Dover Library Ten weekly 90 minute sessions: Computer , email, internet basics to MS Office Students with some English fluency Instruction and handouts in English Small group size with volunteer aides 7 Program Overview 8. Flyers at Zufall Health Center, Hispanic Affairs & libraries Literacy Volunteers Meeting Email newsletter Press releases Library Website ESL class announcements 8 Program Publicity 9. 5 Laptop computers Software licenses Books and materials Class Handouts 9 Use of Grant Funding 10. Age range 35-75 years Primarily female Native Spanish speakers + Most joined library for class Big fluency range with English and computers 10 The Students 11. 27 students graduated from 2 sessions 100% have library cards + basic computer skills 3 students got jobs due to new tech skills 5 students enrolled in Hispanic Affairs computer course 8 students enrolled in free ESL classes 11 Results by the Numbers 12. How much do you know about using computers? Zero or a Little 55% Before Class 11% After Favorite thing about class The Teachers Every time I am here, I learn something new Most useful computer skill learned? Excel What changes would you make? More classes, more practice time at the library 12 Survey Results from Students 13. 13 14. 14 Computer Class Grads & Aides 2011 15. Pilot test the programs & handouts Email is the touchstone Create hotmail accounts for students Each lesson should stand alone ELL Computer resources scarce f Make it relevant and fun 15 Lessons Learned 16. Contact Information Barb Hauck-Mah Library Director, Lodi Memorial Library 973-365-4044 Ext. 7 Thank you and Good Luck! 16