Conflicting Evidence & Viewpoints

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Covers what a viewpoint is, author's POV and viewpoints, evidence and conflicting evidence.

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  • 1. Conflicting Evidence and Viewpoints English I Beaulieu Hall Dale High School Monday, March 5, 14

2. What is authors viewpoint? A reflection of the authors own feelings or beliefs. Viewpoint is revealed through word choice - its like they are leaving clues that reveal their viewpoint. Monday, March 5, 14 3. What is a conflicting viewpoint? A conflicting viewpoint is one that does not align with the authors point of view or beliefs. Authors sometimes use conflicting viewpoints to strengthen their argument and/or acknowledge the opposing side. Monday, March 5, 14 4. What is conflicting evidence? Evidence supports an authors claim. Conflicting evidence works to disprove the authors claim. An author may present conflicting evidence to strengthen their argument and/or dispel opposing arguments. Monday, March 5, 14 5. How to Differentiate an Authors POV Ask yourself: Has the author made a specific claim? If so, what is it? If the author presents a specific argument, what kind of evidence does the author use to back it up? Is the authors argument consistent? Are opposing views presented? If so, what are they? Monday, March 5, 14 6. YouTube Sources Mometrix Academy FCAT - P.I.E.D Monday, March 5, 14 7. SOURCES Monday, March 5, 14