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This PDF is a brief overview of Content Curation Tools. It was presented to the fabulous business owners attending Third Tech Tuesday, hosted monthly by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce. Reach Your Potential -


  • 1. Content Curation Tools Are Cool!Michelle Post, Ph.D. Certified Social Media Strategist PDF Available:

2. Lessons to Learn Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS 3. Content Every Minute of the Day Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMSDomo. (2014). Data never sleeps 2.0 [Infographic]. Retrieved from sleeps-2 4. What is Content & Curation?Content is Information (practical, functional, tactical) (Odden, n.d.)Check out these other definitions: Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMSContent Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter.(Mullan, 2011) 5. Types of Content . . . Just a Few Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS101 different types of content - 6. Where to Post Your Content Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMSWhere should I post my content [Image file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from grosocial/dd9a65ab3d066ca687d4405c60ac5754.png 7. Content Curation Tools Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMSFree to Paid & Many to Choose FromSee Curatas Ultimate ListDr. Posts Quick Guide to 5-Free Content Curation Tools - curation-toolsContent Curation Tools: The Ultimate List - 8. Steps1.Search query (keywords of topic)2.Result type (data type)3.How often (delivery frequency)4.How many (results)5.Your email (email address you want results sent to)6.Create Alert7.Verify email address if necessaryHow to Curate Content Using Google Alerts Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS 8Dr. Posts Google Alert PDF - alerts-for-research-12611374 9. RESOURCES, RESOURCES . . . Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS 10. ResourcesDigital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies Resources Shared at #CNYASTD - definitions-tools-strategies-resources-shared-cnyastd/Content Curation: 7 Things Merchants Must Know - 7-things-merchants-must-know/The Busy Persons Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process for Your Blog, Newsletter, or Timeline - Types of Content Every Site Needs - 11. Resources15 Types of Content That Will Drive You More Traffic - types-of-content-will-drive-you-more-traffic/25 Types of Content - content/uploads/2014/07/The-25-Types-of-Content-to-Share- on-Social-Media.jpgTypes of Content - content/uploads/2012/11/typesofcontents.pngThe Content Marketing Landscape - content/uploads/2013/04/Content-Marketing- Landscape_NEW.jpg 12. ResourcesCreating Content - Types of Content that Work in Lead Generation - that-work-in-lead-generation-92625 Content Marketing Tools for Curation, Creation, Promotion & Distribution [Infographic] - curation-creation-promotion-distribution- infographic_b142309Killer Content Curation is Key [Infographic] - curation-is-key-infographic 13. ResourcesHow to Speed Up Your Content Curation Process - curation/Spotlight on Content Curation: Best Practices, Tools and How to Do It Right - the-content-curation-best-practices-tools-and-how-to-do- it-rightThe Big List of IFTTT Recipes: 34 Hacks for Hardcore Social Media Productivity - recipes-34-hacks-hardcore-social-media-productivity50+ Places to Repurpose Your Content - 14. ReferencesDomo. (2014). Data never sleeps 2.0 [Infographic]. Retrieved from should I post my content [Image file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from grosocial/dd9a65ab3d066ca687d4405c60ac5754.pngMullan, E. (2011, November 30). What is content curation? [Blog post]. Retrieved from Defining-EContent/What-is-Content-Curation-79167.htmOdden, L. (n.d.). What is Content? Learn from 40+ Definitions [Blog post]. Retrieved from content/ (n.d.). Excellent examples of content curation [Image file]. Retrieved from content/uploads/2012/06/Excellent-examples-of-content- curation.jpgMichelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS 15. Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS | Social Media Strategist | SpeakerDr. Michelle Post is a driven, passionate, and experienced leader, teacher, social media strategist, connector, and developer.Her desire to connect and inspire throughout nearly three decades of career translates into her ongoing effort to help the development of ideas, people, content, and curriculum. Dr. Post is President / CEO of three ventures: Reach Your Potential, The Post Institute: Center for Life-Long Learning, and WorkPlace Influence.