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conventions of music genres

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my slide share on the conventions of music genres.

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The indie rock genre often uses a colour pallet of reds whites and blacks. To me the red screams out elements of danger and the black gives the impression of authority and power in the music industry. However the white gives the audience connotations of purity and meaningfulness ,this could mean that their lyrics are truthful and that the listeners are experiencing a second hand emotion that’s being passed on through the music. However as they are independent bands and artists they do not have set codes and conventions for example “you me at six” have experimented with an out burst of colour emblematizing their individual creativeness.

Chosen colour pallet.

Target audience.The target audience for the indie rock genre is 16-25 year olds. This is in consideration of the intention of the music as it is based around past experiences of the band members and often contains sexual references so would be inappropriate for them to sell themselves to younger audiences. Also the majority of indie rock bands are in their 20s-30s so younger people aspire and look up to them as icons.

Typography The font used is often bold and a contrasting colour to the background to make their album stand out from the rest. However they each indie band puts their own unique spin on it for example the 1975 have the typography with a ripped effect implying that they are carefree and reckless. In contrast to this the Arctic monkeys have a flowing bold font almost looks as if a person as hand written it. Giving the connotations of them being exciting and fun to be around but then also a added element of them being down to earth as anybody could of wrote the title.

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Media language:The media language used by indie rock is often to promote the band in the best light possible .The shots are often long shots or close ups to make the band become more desirable by creating a direct link with the audience and the music. The close ups also give us a incite to the artists emotions as they focus on capturing facial expressions .

The position to the frame most commonly is with the lead singer at the front of the shot as he is the most established performer. Its important that they get shot playing their instruments and working together as this adds intelligence and a more serious side to their iconic traits .

The cutting is mostly sharp aggressive cuts this keeps a fast and fluid music video. The cuts keep in with the beats of the song mimicking their prestige and radical life style as they are always on the move weather that is touring or just on to a new sound.

iconographyThis is what is added to their image through computer graphics to complement their persona. Here in the 1975 album they used scratch marks over their album so people would perceive them as original and that they will leave their mark. Within the indie rock genre paint splashes and ripped effects are often used to give them a rebel image.

The settings in their photo shoots and music videos have more of a urban feel to them . As they are often filmed in streets ,warehouses and clubs appose to a more rural areas. This works in conjunction with their hole care free and untamed star persona.


Lighting: Is often gloomy with a spot light taking the focus on to the band within a photos shoot or performance this is so the focus can be forced on the music. However I found that the arctic monkeys at their performance at reading this year used allot of strobe lighting that flashed time with the music this was like a added effect to Andrew Goodwin's thought beats theory yet in stead of cuts in the music it was the lighting that was emphasising the pace and rhythm of the music adding adrenaline and excitement.


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The costume that “sky ferreria” is wearing is almost like rags as it is just a loosely fitted top giving a defiant edge to her appearance as its contrasting from formal.

Here also her costume is just ,giving her a wider audience by creating sex appeal.

She uses the colour red signifying romance and danger within her style.

Through research of indie rock bands I discovered that the look of the genre is very casual and laid back. They often wear checked open shirts skinny /ripped jeans. They often have minimal colour and messy hair styles giving them a wild un-kept materialisation .

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POP :Chosen colour pallet :If you look to the right at the images you will see an array of colours. The colours are bright and are often pastel colours we associate these colours with fun being lively and energetic so then we will associate the pop artist with these same feelings. I like how “olly murs” has used a selection of different colours and shades in his album as he is really portraying him self as the typical pop icon.

Typography:The font is bold and brash and on a contrasting background so the letters will pop out at you and grab your attention. By having bold fonts they are emphasising that they are of a diva style star persona and background. The typography may differ slightly but they all have the same intention to get you to buy their music. As the pop industry is more main stream they are more currently listened to but this is also interpreted within their typography as the text is almost in block print suggesting that they have other people do work for them as they have became so successful they do not need to spend the time doing it them selves.

Target audience:

By the bright colours they use to sell them selves I would say that the genre is aimed at 8_15 year olds however it if is a older pop singer like “ Christina Aguilera” she uses duller colours so she is opening her target audience to a older generation 16-25.

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Media language:

Within the pop genre the message that the media is trying to get across to the audience is that this icon is attractive and fun to be around so will often take close up shots to show off their facial features and then long shots to show their figure and sex appeal of to its full potential . They will also use the rule of thirds to focus your attention on the artists most attractive parts. Establishing shots are then used to show the pop artists wealth for example showing a artist in a grand house or on a speed boat surrounded by material objects is going to insinuate to the audience that this icon is well off. however the camera is often kept central to give a more authentic and realistic feel otherwise it all becomes too far fetched and all promotion for the star is lost in it all.

The position of the frame will always be with the solo artist or group at the focus of the shot as they will need as much air time as possible to promote them selves to potential audiences. The cuts are often slick and bounce from one to another but keeping the music video flowing this gives us connotations of the party animal life style that the live .Iconography:Within pop music videos the artists are often made to do impossible things such as become super hero's that can fly this uses allot of CGI and special effects. This is so we interpret them as being superior to us as a audience. They carry this on through their album covers and photography.

A pop album is recognisable as they often have bright colours splashed on them or some sort of effect to enhance their looks or personality further. An example of this is “Elle Goulding” –”lights“as the gold dust around her suggests that she is made of gold or may as well be gold as it also links in with her name.Another example of this is Michael Jackson on the right has a white aura surrounding him this is not normal for your average human being so again making him appear superior.

A typical trade mark of a pop album is to have allot going on so you have lots drawing you in when you first look opposing to this method is the indie rock genre were they use a simplistic effect.

Page 7: conventions of music genres

Lighting:Extreme artificial lighting is what is most frequently used within pop music videos and album covers as it

can set the tone and feel of song for example dull blue lighting creates a murky and mysterious atmosphere. Also spot lighting is used to focus your attention on the artist .Angled lighting is used to perfect the way the artist looks.


Pop videos are often filmed in famous places like capitals or famous land marks. Also they are filmed in expensive places to demonstrate their wealth and status. You will find them on beaches and parties all around the world or maybe even another planet altogether with the benefit of being able to afford special effects such a s CGI. The more money the icon has to invest in the mise-en-scene the more extravagant and attention grabbing they can make it.

Costume:Pop costumes are conventionally one of two both

seeking out attention from the audience and to develope a awareness of the artist .Number one is a minimal provocative costume to make people stop and stare and of course sex appeal. Type number two is to be as extravagant and outrageous as possible to force people to take a interest.

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Chosen colour pallet:When I researched the classical genre of music I found that the colours that were being used all blended together to create a ensemble of colours working together instead of contradicting each other and clashing. They tend to stick to the conventions of one dominate colour and then the colours that surround it are often complimenting along side .The colours are mainly earthy colours or dominating .This is to add to their status of sophistication and down to earth iconic image.

Typography:The fonts are all extremely formal almost what you would

expect to find on a bank statement, as it is straight to the point. The fancy writing also imitates high status as it looks as if it has it has been hand painted on by a artist. Art is then associated with the upper class as it is highly expensive.

Target audience:

There target audience is aimed at a more elderly generation 50-80 year olds and possibly older. A clear indication of this is the lay out it is all neat and orderly not chaotic so it is not drawing the attention of the younger generation as it is too formal.

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Media language:

The media within the classical content is trying to communicate the talent of the performer .This is its sole purpose and image takes a back seat although it is still important it is not priority. You will find close up shots of the artist playing the instruments and singing .This is done to show their talent and emotions in the greatest light possible when performing. Long shots will also be taken but will often then zoom in on a focus point which will often be the vocalist.

The cuts are often soft and elegant as the music video flows freely. The lining of the frame will always be of the artist in the centre of the lens to show his or her importance in that moment. Fades are also poplar as it shows passing of time within a song .Iconography

The iconography of the classical genre is very plain and sophisticated. The album will often contain a long shot of the artist surrounded by their name and title of the album. You will find that small patterns may be placed on the album again this is representing them as higher social class when you compare them to the paint splatters and tears of the indie rock genre .

Lighting :The lighting is normally a spot light or natural lighting so as not to take away from the performance.

Mise-en-scene:The setting is often simplistic it could be out doors in a field or on a empty stage. less is more when it comes to this genre but this only enforces the formality that we have all became familiar with.


The costume is consistently flattering and often made out of flowing material to ad extra visuals to the song. It represents them very wealthy as they are very detailed

costumes imbedding finesse and status .

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