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  • 1.Convert Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

2. Outline Golden Question! Headlines Rule! Rule of Thumb! Target a Specic Market! You-Oriented Language 3. Golden Question Am I in the right place?! They dont care about your company, your products, or their features. The only thing that matters is nding a solution to their own immediate need How is what you offer going to solve my problem? 4. Headlines RuleThe rst thing people look for on web pages is text that conrms where they are.! Graphics do not generally impact conversion as much as text content 5. Headlines Rule 6. Headlines RuleGet the prospect to engage with the next content on the page! Do not set out to tell the whole story in your headlines 7. Headlines Rule Reader will think I can skim-read that, and come away with something useful! Keep it simple, bold, and direct! 5 Proven Ways to Succeed at Interviews! How I saved $4000 Tax Legally! The Best Hair-Loss Treatments Revealed 8. Headlines Rule Target a specic market! Business Owner Tips for Reducing Your Tax Bill! Tips for Reducing Your Tax Bill! CTR may be lower, but CPC could also be lower and the conversion rate higher, making the campaign more cost-effective 9. Headlines Rule Target a specic market! hotels, salons, nursing homes! Cheap Quality Towels for Hairdressers! Buy Bulk Lines for Nursing Homes Online! We Are the Trusted Supplier to Over 300 Salons 10. Headline RulesSlicing your offerings! It is proven that focusing your appeal on a specic market segment generates a feeling of belonging 11. Headline Rules Overwhelmed in the Classroom? overworked teachers! Brilliant Brunette clean blond hair! A toothpaste just for 4-6 year olds! Family size orange juice family 12. Headlines Rule 13. Headlines RuleYou-Oriented Language! Simply talk to the visitor as You 14. Headlines Rule