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  • 1.Convert Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

2. Outline DISC! Communicate to DISC 3. DISC DISC: ! Dominance! Inuence! Steadiness! Conscientiousness! Each of us exhibits some mix of these avors.! Each DISC characteristics has its particular buying style. 4. I-type They want to feel a personal interest, to see action, but the key is to show enthusiasm! More inuenced by compelling positive messages.! Let them know you are really keen to work with them, listen to what they need, and get them excited about the possibilities available 5. S-type Understanding and sympathy are key to generating the trust they need to commit.! likely take more time to come to a decision! need repeated positive messages that reassure their need for personal connection! You care about your customers, really listen to their needs, and make sure you provide a reliable service 6. C-type need more evidence and details about the quality and performance of what they are investing in! can take longer than other types! value facts and evidence over emotion! Do not skimp on the evidence. Give them whitepapers, charts, case studies, and give them opportunity to ask you more questions 7. D-type outgoing and action-oriented! want action and promise of results! respond better to bold, action-oriented language than emotive personal language! State that you have all the expertise required to deliver results. Remember to defer to their authority. 8. Example A simple feedback form for new prospects to get in touch! C: write lots of information! S, I: prefer to communicate by phone! D: I need this can you do it? 9. Communicate Saying too little is riskier than saying too much! People don't read on the web, so keep your word count down. 10. Communicate Information! less! Strong D, and I! more! Strong S, and C 11. Communicate Human connection! less! Strong D, and C! more! Strong I, and S 12. How to say less and more You can give people the high-level story together with links to break out and get more information if they need it! You may include a link to the next step after your introductory claims (for more impulsive visitors), and additional links further down for those who will want to read more 13. How to say less and more Full details on how well save you money year on year. Compare our 5-year performance to the market. (C)! We take extra care to customize the perfect savings package for you and your loved ones. (S)! What will you do with $1000s you save? (I)! Guaranteed saving plans by our experts. (D)