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CORPORATE IMAGE MANAGEMENT Corporate image isThe perception of a corporations held by the public based on how it is portrayed through branding, public relations efforts, news media, stake holders, employees, labor unions, and consumer advocacy organizations.Which one do you prefer to buy?

It is said that corporate image is an idea evaluation of deciding that if we buy the product or not.The factors which affect corporate image :1-Physical AppearanceLogo, Interior Decoration,Outer view of the building,Appearance of the staff etc.

2- Quality of products/servicesHigh quality = good imageLow quality = bad image3- Financial PowerAs it always has been, money talks.

If you have more money, you have more prestige than your competitors.4- ????5- ???6-AdvertisementThe most effective one. You can overcome your competitors by advertisements.

7- Sponsorship

8-Media RelationsOnly one bad new about you can ruin your good image.9-???by creating a positive image:Larger market shareAbility to charge a premiumAbility to pull through tough timesGreater attractions to talentHigher retention and productivity of peopleLower costsBetter and favorable media coverageHigh returns for investorsThanks for your listening