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<ul><li> 1. Cover Analysis of ClashMagazine By Saba Kebede</li></ul> <p> 2. CoverlinesThis is the front cover of Clash magazine, and ithas no main cover lines or explanatory text,because it is simple but effective. The fact thatthere are no main coverlines is effective becauseit makes the magazine look pure and clear. Italso makes the magazine seem less busy andchaotic. The only conventions on this front coveris the masthead Clash and the kickerHeavenly which are bold and stand outsignificantly. 3. Language The language used in this front cover of Clash is simple but meaningful, due to the fact that the only word is Heavenly, therefore the lack of writing on this front cover is significant because it looks uncomplicated. It seems as though it doesnt need to be packed with information to look effective, like this front cover portrays. It looks formal and direct to the audience because its just one word and makes the reader think why the word Heavenly is used as oppose to any other word and therefore makes the reader reflect on the picture of Florence to find out why. 4. Colour Scheme &amp; Font The colour scheme of this Clash front cover is clear and simple with the colours blue, red and white mainly. These colours together, match and the effective use of her red lipstick is apparent to along with the colour of her hair. It also seems as though the colour of Florences eyes is the same colour as the blue background. In addition to this, the words Clash and Heavenly are in white along with her clothing. These colours all match and therefore looks effective. White RedBlue 5. LayoutThe layout of Clashs front cover is clear, because firstly, theeye flow goes through the masthead Clash then the imageof Florence, then the word Heavenly, therefore clearlyshows a pattern. The eye flow determined what parts of thefront cover the reader will see first, in which this front coverclearly shows . The use of white space is kept to a minimumand the image of Florence takes up most of the space andalso the masthead. However, there is a lot of space in thebackground, which could have been filled by the maincoverlines and explanatory text etc. The layout is clear dueto the fact that there are three main aspects of thisparticular front cover, such as Clash, the image ofFlorence and the word Heavenly. There is no eye contact,due to the fact thatFlorence is looking up inwhich seems impersonal,however, clearlyrepresents the wordHeavenly as she islooking upwards. Representing the word Heavenly 6. Image AnalysisThis front cover of Clash magazine is effectiveseeing as the image is taken from a close-upposition so that the image is clear and the readercan see Florences face and the purity it brings tothe front cover. The mise-en-scene of this imageis in a studio and there is clearly lighting comingfrom above to show the innocence and clarity ofthe image to reflect the word Heavenly. Thereare no props or paparazzi in this image andtherefore it looks clear and the reader canconcentrate on the image rather than thebackground image. There is no strap line or sellingline in this front cover, but the price line is on thebarcode. I think that this front cover is effectiveseeing as the use of celebrity is effective becauseshe represents the genre of Clash magazine whichis indie and alternative rock and also for the factthat she is famous and well known in whichmakes the magazine more catching and appealingto the audience. The barcode position is on thebottom right hand side of the front cover in whichis effective as it goes through the eye-flow. 7. InspirationClash magazine is one of myinspirations alongside NME andRolling Stone, but in particular thisone because the content is clear andeffective and the language andlayout of each page is produced withgood quality. For my musicmagazine I intend to use the sameclarity and simplicity that Clash uses.However, what I would dodifferently is to make sure that I addmain cover lines, kicker andexplanatory text and the date andissue. Overall I think that thismagazine is very effective and usefulinspiring my own music magazine.</p>