Creating my digi pack

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Creating my Digi Pack

Creating my Digi Pack

First I started off with opening a plain photo of the sea that I took when I was at the beach. I then wanted to add some colour to it so I turned up Cyan and majenta on colour balance and that made the picture go more pink/purple.

I then played around with the brightness and contrast, but ended up just turning the brightness up to 21 as the picture was very bright anyway.

I then added another layer and wrote out the song titles. After that I changed the font and size of the text until I got it to the side I liked. I then added a gradient to the text to make it more colourful. I also used the crop tool to make the picture a square to fit in the digi pack template.

However, I decided I did not like the colour of the text as I felt it was too much, so I changed it to the one shown above. I feel like this one is a lot more simple, which is a good contrast to the background. I also added the bar code and price.

For the front cover I outlined Angela with the quick selection tool.

I then made the whole screen black and white, and then coloured back in the purple sea while leaving Angela black and white.I also cropped the picture and made it a square.

Then, I added the text to my front cover.

I then turned my picture around a little to make it more straight. To do this I used the crop tool and was able to turn it round then.

For the inside pictures I turned up the brightness to 21 as the picture was quite dark, I also cropped it before starting to I knew where to work.

I also adjusted the hue, saturation and lightness to create the effect on the photo. This is my completed left hand side picture.

For my right inside picture I erased Angela with the content aware move tool, I just had to cover Angela with the brush and she was gone.