Creating our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

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  1. 1. Creating ourAnother Daymagazine coverBy Jessie Connell
  2. 2. Creating our idea When brainstorming ideas about what ourmagazine cover should be like, we all agreed thatour type of magazine should either be health, orteen gossip. We thought that a health magazinemight be a good venture, as the main theme in ourfilm is mental health, due to this being a real life,important teen issue. However we also thought thata teen gossip' magazine might also be a sensiblechoice, as our film is also a teen drama film,meaning that the target audience for our film arealso reading these type of magazines.
  3. 3. Creating our idea We knew that a film magazine like EMPIRE or LittleWhite Lies were not appropriate for us to use, asafter researching these titles, we found that maincharacters from either action or horror films featurepredominantly. In addition to this, these magazinesalso tend to feature large budget, internationalblockbusters, which our film is the opposite of, beinglow budget and more niche.
  4. 4. Examples of EMPIRE and LittleWhite Lies
  5. 5. Teen gossip magazines However, we did some research on teen gossipmagazines and found that this type of magazinemight not be appropriate for us to use either, as themain image of the star on the cover is usually a realactor or musician appearing as themselves and nota character. In addition to this, these type ofmagazines also tended to focus on less meaningfuland more gossipy issues like relationships or whatto wear for different seasons.
  6. 6. Examples of teen gossipmagazines
  7. 7. Health Magazines Our final possible magazine idea was for ahealth magazine, as our film is about anxietyand otherwise poor mental health inteenagers. We felt that a health magazinemight be the most appropriate kind ofmagazine to use, as not only would our filmfit this type of magazine very well, butexpanding on the issue of anxiety andmental health would not look out of place ina health magazine.
  8. 8. Examples of Health Magazines
  9. 9. INSPIRE Eventually, we decided to mix elements of bothteen gossip and health magazines together, tocreate our one magazine which we namedINSPIRE. We gave our magazine this name as theaim of our teaser trailer and marketing campaignas a whole is to inspire teenagers to deal with anymental health issues that may occur in their ownlives and to show them that there is hope. Ourmagazine mainly followed the conventions andappearance of a health magazine, but with slightelements taken from teen gossip magazines.