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Library Use & Instruction, Fall 2009 A bibliographic instruction session for creative writing students (middle school university). Finding inspiration in library resources. To be co-taught by librarian and writing instructor. Collaborative task-based research project introduces students to less-familiar library resources (specialized dictionaries, etc.), as not only research tools, but sources of inspiration. Students will be presented with examples of work that actively engages the reference tool (e.g., Harryette Mullen), and discuss how these resources might be used to challenge or deepen the way language is used. Students will be asked by instructor to make use of one or more of the resources discussed in the weekly writing prompt.


  • 1. Reference Resourcesfor Creative WritingSara Grozanick 2009

2. Mullen, Harryette. Sleeping with theDictionary. Sleeping with the Dictionary.New California poetry. Berkeley:University of California Press, 2002. 3. Language is nothing but meanings, and meanings are nothing but a flow of contexts.[LYN HEJINIAN] 4. The Basics: Dictionaries & Thesauri ferruginous lambent mortality ossature 5. Resources for Perusal scientific dictionaries law dictionaries (i.e. Blacks) art-related dictionaries word (mis)usage books euphemism dictionaries etymological dictionaries(i.e.Oxford, Barnhart) slang dictionaries 6. Digital glossary 7. For Further Inquiry Lewis, C. S. Studies in Words. Cambridge:Cambridge U.P., 1967. Morton, Herbert Charles. The Story of WebstersThird: Philip Goves Controversial Dictionaryand Its Critics. Cambridge [England]: CambridgeUniversity Press, 1994.