Crie de Navalen: Rumania

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  2. 2. Navelenos situation
  3. 3. This is the CRIE de Navaleno: It is a educational innovation school. Each week, a diferent group of students from diferent schools come here to work and learn in other way. Our proyects are based on the use of ICT and also on learning about the environment. Due to the situation of Navaleno, we take advantage of the environment throughout the course.
  4. 4. The CRIE has two sections: The Spanish The English one.
  5. 5. Our educational projects are opened to everyone in the wikis through our webpage:
  6. 6. The applications we use with our students are: DIPITY GLOGSTER GO ANIMATE POWTOON WIKI PHOTOPEACH
  8. 8. GLOGSTER
  9. 9. GO ANIMATE
  10. 10. POWTOON
  11. 11. Our students works are published in a blog and in a wiki. http://crapinaressurtierrasalatasyduruelo http://colegiospublicoscovaleda-
  12. 12. The Spanish Section
  13. 13. EUREKA We practise experiments about Arquimedes and Pascals theories. Timeline with invents chronology with DIPITY. Short film with PowToon.
  14. 14. HEALTHY LIFE Video edition with Androvid. Food composition: experiments. Craft: making weighing scales.
  15. 15. ECOLOGY Making a short film with Go Animate. Recycling: Making a plant pot. Designing a drip-watering circuit.
  16. 16. The English section
  17. 17. GREEN COMPUTER Making a map marking places, routes, rivers, etc., with Google Maps. Multimedia montages with GLOGSTER/EDU. Outgoing to the natural environment to measure the water and ground temperature and the water speed in the river by the town.