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Cross gendered leisure project rec 3202

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  • 1. GAMING LIKE A GUY BUT AS A GIRLWendy P. BedfordREC 3202 Summer 2012

2. THEN AND NOW First commercial arcade video game introduced in 1971 Computer Space by Nutting Associates Offers escape from reality Stressors financial, responsbitility Socializing: Gaming communities, online team mates Fantasy Role play games: World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons Violence / Crime: Grand Theft Auto, Army of 2, Halo 3. WHY GAME? Men do it for social reasons Explore fantasy Online gaming communities Male bonding Women do it for personal reasons Way to be productive, i.e. exercise 4. TRADITIONALLY MALE According to Shari Graner Ray, 16 yrs experience as game designer, ofSony Online Entertainment and the Cartoon Network, and keynote speakerat the Sex in Video Games conference: Female characters display physical traits humans get when theyre ready for sex: partially open mouths with large red lips, heavy eyelids (or "bedroom eyes"). Female characters dressed in sexually explicit clothing and placed in sexual poses, whereas the male characters arent. These "sex object" images arent going to appeal to the average female gamer, Ray said. 5. MEN VS. WOMEN 42% of all gamers are women Women >18 years old = 37 percent of gaming population; Boys

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