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Culture shock - Culture and Language

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  3. 3. I. Some Definitions II. The Adjustment Process in a New Culture III. The Re-entry Adjustment Process IV. The Adjustment Process in a New Culture vs The Re-entry Adjustment Process 3
  4. 4. I. Definitions Adjust and Adapt To change in order to fitAdjust Adapt To make fit or suitable Change to fit a new situation What are the differences between Adjust and Adapt? 44
  5. 5. Elation and Depression Elation Great happiness (up) Depression Great sadness (down) In which situations (in another culture) are peoples feelings sometimes like a roller coaster ride? 55
  6. 6. Culture shock Culture shock Feel confused and disoriented in a new country How to diminish feelings of culture shock? 66
  7. 7. Integrate and Carbon copy Integrate Carbon copy To become a part or a member of An exact copy; the same as another Some people say, When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Do you agree? 77
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  9. 9. II. The Adjustment Process in a New Culture Five stages in the Adjustment Process 9 (1) Acceptance & Integration in the foreign culture (2) Return Anxiety in the foreign culture (3) Return honeymoon in the native country (4) Re-entry shock in the native country (5) re-integration in the native country Adjustment Time 9
  10. 10. 1. Honeymoon Period The excitement of the new and different initially makes people feel elated in a new culture Honeymoon Period 10 10
  11. 11. 2. Culture Shock The individuals are immersed in new problems Housing LanguageTransportation Employment Shopping The individuals will tend to feel unhappy or depressed and get sick more easily 11 11
  12. 12. 3. Initial Adjustment Everyday activities such as housing and shopping are no longer major problem. Life becomes easier 12 12
  13. 13. 4. Mental Isolation Individuals have been away from their family and friends for a long time and may feel lonely. The people who stay at this stage have no desire to learn anything about their new culture or the people from their host country. 13 13
  14. 14. 5. Acceptance and Integration The student will set up a schedule for doing work or study; make friends from the new culture and show an interest in learning even more about the host country, beyond what is needed to survive The new culture are accepted while maintaining the native culture and language 14 14
  15. 15. What stages in the cultural adjustment cycle are they experiencing? Frankly speaking, I do not feel that there are many pleasures for me in the U.S right now. I am still seriously homesick, but I am getting better. I understand that this is the adjustment period. I will be back to normal soon Stage of adjustment: .. My feelings about living in a new country are quite complicated, but I can put them in one word: marvelous. Everything seems wonderful and fresh to me. You can always learn something new every minute. And you can never tell what will happen the next minute. Stage of adjustment: .. When I arrived in this country I could only say, Thank you and Good bye. In spite of that, I had to get an apartment. My situation was really miserable because I couldnt understand what the managers were saying. They spoke so fast that I didnt understand anything, except OK or All right?. I almost started crying like a child on the street. Stage of adjustment: Mental isolation Honeymoon period Culture shock 15 15
  16. 16. Adjustment Time (1) Acceptance & integration in the foreign culture (2) Return anxiety in the foreign culture (3) Return honeymoon in the native country (4) Re- entry shock in the native country (5) Re- integration in the native country 1616
  17. 17. Experience observations reactions the most family life educational system Interesting social life political events Educational school life culture shock Embarrassing dress friendships Important food other relationships Surprising customs fun 1717
  18. 18. Our way is right. Our way is best. 1818
  19. 19. a) Levadelians have been very generous in teaching other people how to do things the right way. b) Non-Levadelians do many things backwards. c) Since the only true God is the one in the Levadel culture, all other peoples gods and religions are false. d) Levadel has produced the best technology in the world; therefore, it is a superior country. e) Levadel is the best language for poetry. f) In Levadel, people dont talk in circles. g) Minorities and foreigners in Levadel have to change their ways so they become like the majority of Levadelians. h) When world leaders learn to do things the way Levadelians do, the world will be a better place. 1919
  20. 20. 1) Language learning Cultural adjustment process 2020
  21. 21. 2) What are the best ways to prepare for life in another culture? 2121
  22. 22. IV. Culture Shock & Reverse Culture Shock From 2222
  23. 23. Culture Shock & Reverse Culture Shock From 2323
  24. 24. Watching two video clips: In Finland & in Vietnam Question: What are their reactions as they come back home? 2424
  25. 25. Reentry Challenges Boredom No one wants to hear Reverse homesickness Feelings of isolation Relationships have changed Negative attitudes towards your native culture Inability to apply new knowledge and skills 2525
  26. 26. Accept that you have changed and things wont be the same as when you left Dont talk about what happened abroad unless your listener wants to hear it. Be flexible and expect the unexpected Take care of yourself physically as well as mentally Focus on how you are now better off from the experiences you had and what you have learned Give yourself TIME! .... 2626
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