Curran cloud poems

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  • 1.Cumulonimbus It is very dark out side it is raining hard By Alex F.

2. Stratus clouds bring rain Finally a rainbow forms The clouds move away By Ashley 3. Above our headsthere are clouds, bright white puff balls,they dont weigh a pound By Becca 4. Jets go thought the sky Cirrus clouds bring sunny days Designs in the airByChristian 5. Puffy clouds up high nobody can get enough clouds are everywhere By Christine 6. Pretty clouds outside Moving slowly cross the sky Sunny days will come By:Deven 7. High up in the sky Fluffy white clouds all around Bright and sunny days By Haze 8. Jet lines through the sky, Cirrus clouds bring sunny days Cirrus clouds are good By Jacob W. 9. Dark and stormy clouds puffy and black in the sky rain falls from the skyByJacob 10. Locals must watch out Tornado might be forming Damage it will makeBy: Julia 11. Fluffy in the sky Low but nice weather up high Expect some rain now By: Kayla 12. White and fluffy clouds Funny animals shaped clouds So funto look at By Riley 13. dark and puffy cloudsthunder and lightning appear rain fallsfromthese cloudsBy Shawn 14. Cumulonimbus Brings rain on a sunny day A rainbow appearsBy Sophia 15. Sunsets in the sky Clouds cover the horizon Dark night comes to town By Tyler 16. Tornados are clouds Tornados are destructive Watch out here it comes! By Dylan 17. Gray clouds in the sky Cover us like a blanket Stratus clouds bring rain BY PATRICK 18. The rain clouds are here it rains then the sun comes out a rainbow appears By Jamie