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  • 1.THETOP 10THINGS I LEARNED in i3cs21 By Joan McTigue

2. 10. Wiki

  • I learned that awikiis a space to store content for collaboration,not a character in the Broadway musical, Wicked! 3. 9. Blog

  • I learned that ablogis an interactive bulletin board organized around topics of interest or audience focus,not slang for swampy marshland. 4. 8.Digital Nation

  • I learned that becoming adigital nationcould threaten as well as advance our society, therefore, it requires civic responsibility as well as the unlimited creativity it promotes. 5. 7.2.0 WebTools

  • Ive learned that teachers have a huge opportunity to use the plethora of2.0 webtoolswhich enhances student motivation to learn and the variety and quality of their creative efforts.
  • Web 2.0Cool Tools for Schools 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
  • SlideFlickr Animoto
  • Voice Thread VUVOX xtranormal
  • Slide Share Scrapblog etc., etc., etc.

6. 6.Google Reader

  • I learned thatGoogle Readeris an aggregator, a web-feed reading tool, which manages favorite news sites and blogs in one place for ease of access
  • Reader / Web feeds (RSS) advantages:
    • Users do not disclose their email address decreasing exposure to threats associated with email: spam, viruses,phishing , and identity theft
    • Users do not have to unsubscribe to stop
    • Feed items are automatically sorted; each feed URL has its own sets of entries (unlike an email box where messages must be sorted by user-defined rules and pattern matching).

7. 5.YouTube

  • YouTubeis a video sharing website on which users can discover, view, upload, and share videos.
  • You can learn ANYTHING from watching videos on YouTube 8. 4.Facebook & Twitter

  • I learned thatFacebook
  • is a social networking website
  • which helps you connect and
  • share with people in your life
  • I learned thatTwitteris a
  • social networking and
  • microblogging service that
  • enables its users to send and
  • read messages known as

9. 3.Think Digitally!

  • I learned from my colleagues in this class and Dennis Richards our esteemed instructor, educator, English teacher, administrator, photographer, runner, husband, father, and grandfather toTHINK digitally.

10. 2.Social Consciousness

  • With progress comes loss!
  • As our technological capability increases individuals need to have a sense of what is right or wrong within society (moral sense)
  • We must be aware of the impact to society that new creative developments have (ethical sense)
  • The goal of social consciousness:Aim to improve society

11. 1.i3cs21

  • i3cs21 obviously enlightened my professional experience, inspired my creative thinking, broadened my knowledge of digital technology, and forced my application of web based tools to communicate, create, and collaborate with colleagues and students.

12. i3cs21

  • The
  • End!