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2. The oldest known surviving deck was created for Francesco Sforza and hiswife Bianca Visconti, who ruled Milan from 1440 to 1465. 3. By the beginning of the eighteenth century, a standardized pack ofTarot cards and images had been established.These types of cards are known as the Tarot of Marseille. 4. 1775Antoine Court de Gbelin, a French Freeman and student ofmythology, archeology, and linguistics, encountered the cards (whilevisiting a Swiss or German friend), the history of the cards had been allbut forgotten.Gbelin, in a fateful mistake, mistook the cards to be an allegoryrepresenting ancient wisdom forming the lost Book of Thoth.Gbelin suggested that this book had been brought to Europe fromthe gypsies of Egypt and that it had been translated into a card gameto protect its secrets.Gbelin will remove the Christian symbolism. 5. liphas Lvi Zahed1850s FranceCoins the term occultism, oroccultisme, in French.Makes the connectionbetween the Tarot cards andHebrew mysticism, orKabbalah.Draws linkages between thetwenty-two Major Arcanatrumps and the Hebrewalphabet. 6. Lvi transformed a divinatory tool into what he called aphilosophical machine that is mathematics applied to theAbsolute, the alliance of the positive and the ideal, a lottery ofthoughts as exact numbers, perhaps the simplest andgrandest of conception of human genius (Giles 1992, 30).Lvi seems to have meant the notion of machine in asomewhat literal sense because the Hebrew alphabet is, asGiles writes, not just a system of writing, but an expression ofall the fundamental facts and forces of creationwhich are inturn organized in a complex image called the Tree of Life. 7. 1888: Golden Dawn 8. As Drury writes, for the Golden Dawnmagician the ultimate mythic attainment wasto come forth ritually into the Light, for thiswas the essence of spiritual rebirth (2011,58). Here, creative visualization was theessential vehicle by which one attained suchrebirth. 9. Arthur Edward Waite & Pamela Coleman Smith 10. Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris 1938-1943