Deadline, calendars & lists

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Deadline, Calendars & Lists

Deadline, Calendars & Lists

IntroductionAs one of the weaknesses which I identified and reflected on from my SWOT, SOAR analysis and Skills audit was my time management skills. As this is an important skill which can be used in a variety of situations such as in a workplace, university and in my every day life. Therefore by taking action in order to improve and develop this skill can benefit me in the future in terms of employability and potentially help me achieve my academic goals from improving on my academic performance if I am able to manage my time more effectively and assign more time for revision and assignments.

Action PlanAs part of my action plan for part for my SOAR analysis the action which was said to take was: By making to do lists, setting myself targets and deadlines and by creating a schedule where I can dedicate time for University, Work, Social time and for jobs e.g. washing, tidying my room etc.

Therefore after creating these I have provided evidence of the action I have taken to aim to improve my time management skills in the following slide.

To do list

Calendar for October

November & December


ReflectionAfter creating the lists, calendars for events and deadlines. It has allowed me to improve my time management so that I am able to manage my workload. This way I found that I could then prioritise the tasks / assignments and making sure that they are attainable. For example I am able to see when my deadlines are and see how much time I have before and what could potentially distract me from this e.g. work. Therefore I can put in study slots to fit my calendar to make sure I am able to meet these deadlines and that I have dedicated enough time to University work and therefore able to meet my academic goals. I also identified on my SWOT analysis that I have poor memory therefore by creating a to do list I am able to remember all important tasks which I need to complete. This way I am able to stay on track and can tick off as I go along so I know which tasks I still need to complete so I do not miss any important deadlines which if not remembered could potentially have a negative affect on my results and overall education at University.