Designing eLearning Courses Using LEML

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Designing eLearning Courses Using LEML

Instructional Knowledge

Representing Instructional Knowledge - LEM

Introduction to LEML

Using LEMLList the ways you share knowledge about course design and/or teaching with others?

Does it work?

What is instructional knowledge management (IKM)?

Decision-Making ProcessesKnowledge Management ProcessesIntuitive Decision-Making

?Decision-Making ProcessesKnowledge Management ProcessesIntuitive Decision-Making

Knowledge Management

Inspired Decision-MakingKnowledge Creation Processes

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Creation ProcessesInformed Decision-Making

Knowledge Creation ProcessesInnovative Decision-MakingKnowledge ManagementCreateCaptureCodeShareKM for Course Design & TeachingTacit KnowledgeExplicit KnowledgeFind a syllabus for a online or blended courses

How well does it represent instructional knowledge about the way the course is designed or taught?

ContentStrategyControlMessageRepresentationMedia LogicData ManagementGibbons, 20147 +- 2_______________UnderstandingComparingAnnotatingChangingRememberingSharingAdapted Hokanson, 2008

Enhanced UnderstandingLEMEnhanced Decision-MakingEnhanced CommunicationWhat a LEM does?18

Planning Instruction

Evaluating Instruction

Trends and Comparisons


Replicating Patterns

Measuring Learning Environments

Research KnowledgeApplied, Research-Informed Decision-MakingPractice KnowledgeLEMWhat a LEM does?21

InformationPracticeDialogueFeedbackEvidenceBuilding Block TypeHowWhat



Select a lesson

Design/Model the lesson using LEML


How could you use LEML?

How could you share LEML models?Tools for Modeling Learning Environments

Paper and Pencil


Post-it Notes

Flowchart Software (, PowerPoint, Google Draw, Google Slides)Designing eLearning Courses Using LEML