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Detailed ResearchIsaac Randall

Gangster Squad

Key selling points of the trailer? One of the key selling points for the trailer and consequently film is the large and bold action scenes, featuring expensive explosions and gun fights. The high production value of the film also works with the violence in order to create an intense and gripping trailer. The trailer focuses on the family life of characters also, allowing the strong themes of family and the danger that they are in to grip the audience and involve them further in an emotional level.

The trailer also uses a voice over and upbeat, fast tempo music in order to engage the audience again, aiming to appeal to the adrenaline seeking audience bracket. I think that it is this that is the main focus of the trailer, showing mainly just action shots in order to do this and sell the film as an action/crime film.

Genre?The film itself is descried as a an action, crime and drama film by IMDB (Image Movie Database). This is reflected throughout the trailer, showing scenes of intense violence as previously mentioned and also intense emotion. The trailer effectively reflects the genre of crime, using various methods such as lighting and shadows, various shot types giving certain characters a sense of power and also narrative methods such as the voice over to establish the antagonist and the problems that the characters will face. This therefore gives a clear indication of the antagonist which will be the main focus of the film.


How is the audience explicitly targeted in the trailer for Gangster Squad?Gangster Squad in particular, uses intense violence and evokes an emotional reaction amongst the target audience. The audience themselves will be drawn to the violence and strong themes throughout, as the age of my target audience (around the bracket 15-23) will enjoy this. Another factor is historical context as this may also attract older audiences as they may have been able to remember the criminals or aspects of the crimes themselves.This historical context and the fact that the film is based on true events may also attract the target audience as audiences may be shocked by the violent, real, crimes and violent acts committed. The themes of loyalty and family being in danger and the characters willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their loved ones also allows the audience to relate, as they too would think similarly to the protagonists. This is conveyed through the shots of the couple kissing and scenes of the protagonists playing with their children.

What institutions are responsible for the trailer?Warner Bros. Pictures are responsible for Gangster Squad and also the trailer. Warner Bros studios was foundedApril 4, 1923(92 years ago) and is asubsidiaryof Time Warner. Some oftheirmostsuccessfulfilms include Batman: The Dark Knight ($534,858,444 Domestic Gross), Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part 2 ($381,011,219 Domestic Gross) and American Sniper ($350,126,372 Domestic Gross). They are also responsible for films such as Gangster Squad which had a gross of$17,070,347 in the US on its opening weekend and Bullets and Ballots, released in 1936.

Bullets and Ballots is an example of how early on the company were making crime films and Gangster/Mafia style films in particular, showingtheirexpertisein the genre. The film itself revolves around a New York cop infiltrating a crime gang. This shows also that the narrative in films of the genre do not vary all that much and are stillsuccessfultoday amongst a modern audience.

What other trailers/films is the institution responsible for?Other highly successful films by Warner Bros. include:The Harry Potter Series (Films 1-8)The Dark KnightThe MatrixInceptionThe Dark Knight RisesI Am LegendThe HangoverThe Town

How is the trailer successful?The trailer is successful as it appeals to the correct target audience, conveying the strong, important themes throughout that are seen in many gangster/mafia films. It also is age rated perfectly to target the film, and genres, target audience and ensure that the film is not too violent and incorporates all of the fan base, ensuring the upmost success and ticket sales when the film. The trailer focuses on the key elements that visually audiences want to see, that being intense violence, car chases and a strong sense of family and friendship. This is expressed clearly, almost forcing the themes upon the audience using shots and narrative to do this, and using the key media elements also, that being mise-en-scene, camera work, sound and editing. The trailer also uses the well known actors and the fact that the film is based on a true story in order to sell the film, as audiences look for, and trust films are worth their money if they possess these factors.


Key selling points of the trailer? Similarly to the trailer of Gangster Squad Legend appeals to a similar target audience. The target audience hope to see large explosions and violence when watching a film from the crime genre and this is reflected throughout the trailer for Legend. The trailer reflects one of the main selling points, that being that Tom Hardy plays both Kray Twins in the film, well. It does so by consistently changing between the two twins and creates contrast, with Ronnie being the more violent of the two compared to Reggie who is shown to be more relaxed, organizing the crime not actually partaking in it.

The genre is described as a biography, crime, thriller film according to IMDB ( Image Movie Database). The film is defined as a biography as it features a large amount of factual information about the Kray Twins. Again the trailer effectively reflects the genre of the film through the use of narration in particular, allowing the audience an insight into the lives of the Kray Twins and the text asserts that the film is based on true events. Similarly to Gangster Squad the the trailer establishes the protagonist characters and therefore their criminal activity through narration, dialogue and focus on violent action scenes throughout in quick succession.


How is the audience explicitly targeted in the trailer for Legend? Again, similarly to Gangster Squad, Legend appeals to the target audience through the use of violent shots and ambiguity also . This works well and the quick tempo that the trailer uses works well in doing this, not giving the audience time to process the information that they are seeing in detail. The target audience again, like many crime films in this bracket, is roughly 15-23. Historical context of the film is another important factor when appealing to the target audience. The Kray Twins were notorious gangsters in London during the 60s meaning that some of the older audience members will remember the crimes and the Twins first hand, meaning that the films content will be memorable. For this reason, the films trailer will attract members of an older audience bracket, expanding the audience further, resulting in more money. Strong themes of family are explored throughout the film and are explored through the film, and reflected through the trailer. The Krays loyalty to each other is a significant factor driving the plot of the film forward. This is shown through the use of narrative mainly in the trailer, explaining how they are needed to muscle and front the organisation and business.

What institutions are responsible for the trailer? Legend was produced by a variety of production companies, these being Anton Capital, Entertainment Cross, Creek Pictures, Studio Canal and Working Title Films. Working Title Films are responsible for films such as Johnny English Reborn ($3,833,300 USA Opening Weekend Gross) and The Theory of Everything (USA gross $35,887,263). Studio Canal are responsible for films such as The Pianist ($2,456,117 USA Opening Weekend Gross) and Crime film RocknRolla ($144,701 USA Opening Weekend). The production companies regularly work together on films, allowing smaller budget films to increase the budget, consequently producing a better film and gaining more money when the film is released.

What other trailers/films is the institution responsible for?Studio Canal and Working Title Films are responsible for films such as: Smokin AcesHot FuzzAtonementEnd of WatchThe Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part TwoBig MiracleRush

How is the trailer successful? The trailer is successful as it conveys the genre of the film well and appeals to the correct target audience, conveying the films themes well. The themes of family are used in order to attract the correct target audience and allows them to relate to the protagonists. The trailer also conveys the content and through the use of violence also the age certificate of the film, which is an 18. Similarly to the trailer for Gangster Squad, Legends trailer uses a variety of shot types and lighting to convey the main characters and the action scenes in a way in which the audience cannot get a full sense of the plot, meaning that they will need to visit the cinema if they wish to answer the ambiguous questions created throughout. As mentioned previously, the trailer uses the narration in order to convey the biographical content of the film, and the lives of the Kray Twins, however in brief, ambiguous, detail.

Black Mass

Key selling points of the trailer? One of the key selling points of the film is the highly popular and successful cast list. The protagonist is played by Johnny Depp, and the film features other actor such as Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Dakota Johnson. This is used throughout the trailer in order to sell the film using celebrity endorsement and popularity. The use of Depps name will bring in an audience immediately that may be unrelated to the film, but are fans of