Developing An Online Marketing Plan (Phase 2)

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It is important to develop an online marketing plan to get the most out of social media. This presentation was created for Produce for Kids, a marketing organization that works with the produce industry and grocery stores to promote healthy eating for kids. (Phase 2 of 2.)

Text of Developing An Online Marketing Plan (Phase 2)

  • 1. 2009 ONLINE MARKETING PLAN PFK PHASE 2 Boosting Sales, Bettering Communities, Benefiting Kids
  • 2. PFK SOCIAL MEDIA RECAP (Spring 2009) Where PFK is today Facebook developed customized PFK page with links to events, photos, and discussion boards Twitter established network of followers and posted daily PFK activities with nutritional information YouTube created YouTube channel for PFK event videos Expanded CMN & PBS KIDS support and strengthened sponsor and retailer relationships through online social media resources Produce for Kids 2008
  • 3. PFK WEBSITE ANALYTICS (SPRING 2009) PFK WEBSITE VISITS (TOTAL 9,266 VISITORS) YOUTUBE FACEBOOK (45 VIDEO VIEWS) (54 FRIENDS) FEB. 625 MARCH 1217 TWITTER (345 FOLLOWERS) APRIL 1003 MAY 1755 JUNE 3133 2% JULY 1704 Referrals 28% 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 TRAFFIC SOURCES Produce for Kids 2008 *As of 7/31/2009.
  • 4. OBJECTIVES (PHASE 2): 1. To expand upon current follower database on PFK social networking sites, such as , , and 2. To utilize new social media resources including , , and to further expand PFK social media goals 3. To maintain current followers and increase the number of followers on each site by providing regularly updated content that reinforces PFKs credibility as experts in the field of childrens nutrition Produce for Kids 2008
  • 5. EXPAND SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK 1. Making PFK Friends Generate and post educational information with a did you know approach to gain attention of target audience o Utilize PFK Advisory Board for topics such as health issues, preventing child obesity, importance of child nutrition, etc. 2. Utilize Facebook Applications PFK Facebook Quiz: What Type of Produce Are You? results will develop a connection between people and fruit/vegetables o Quiz results are posted to users Facebook Wall and shared among friends to increase PFK brand awareness and sponsor recognition Facebook Support Causes PFK to join organized communities of action focused on specific nonprofit organizations, such as CMN, PBS KIDS, and PBH and other related communities Produce for Kids 2008
  • 6. EXPAND SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK 1. Twitter Search Discover what people are talking about regarding children nutrition and provide information to help specific individuals Opportunities to further creditability and expand follower database 2. Twitter Content Increase messaging and outreach via PFK daily tweet updates o Recipe/produce item of the day o Feature sponsor products and/or retailer promotions o Publicize industry news and media alerts 3. Twitter Relationships Expand relationships using conversational vs. informational dialog Build connections with Mom Bloggers and offer PFK content for blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. Produce for Kids 2008
  • 7. EXPAND SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK 1. PFK YouTube Channel Customize PFK channel background to incorporate PFK branding Revise channel description with PFK messaging, keywords, and multiple links to 2. PFK Video Keyword Search Utilize YouTube Suggest to help users discover PFK videos through strategic titles, tags, and descriptions 3. Increase PFK Subscribers & Channel Views Research similar channels and send friend requests to their subscribers and friend lists, establishing a PFK database Post videos as responses to other highly-trafficked videos within industry to connect PFK to larger audiences Utilize visual opportunities to promote PFK sponsors, retailers and related partners (trade media) to showcase PFK activities Produce for Kids 2008
  • 8. NEW SOCIAL MEDIA RESOURCES 1. Exchange nutritional knowledge, ideas, and opportunities among industry professionals o Develop PFK LinkedIn Group to extend brand and credibility 2. Connect through sharing PFK photos and videos with consumers online o Opportunity for media resources and brand awareness 3. Social media organization tool that brings all resources together for updating and sharing o Create customized PFK feed for easy updating at one location o Recommended top priority for Phase 2 Process & Required Maintenance 1. Create PFK accounts and build individual pages with PFK content 2. Develop social network database through target audience searches Produce for Kids 2008
  • 9. PRODUCE FOR KIDS BLOG Networking Benefits: 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogging produces fresh, targeted content and helps attract more inbound links, which improves PFK search engine rankings 2. Build a PFK Community Simple solution to keep parents informed about child nutrition via PFK Advisory Board 3. Mom Blogs position PFK as an industry expert in childrens nutrition by sharing information on healthy eating and the benefits of purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables Process & Required Maintenance 1. Create PFK account, select preferences, and upload content 2. Add content weekly, review user posts, and answer questions 3. Eventually, incorporate blog on website Produce for Kids 2008
  • 10. NEXT STEPS: TIMELINE 1. Expand Social Networking Database o Create FriendFeed account to sync social networking sites o Customize YouTube Channel and PFK description o Utilize Facebook applications, develop and implement Facebook Quiz o Research and monitor Twitter conversations and focus on conversational dialog vs. informational content 2. Increase YouTube Subscribers & Video Views o Research industry channels and send friend requests 3. Develop visibility on new social media resources o Create LinkedIn and Flickr accounts o Incorporate LinkedIn and Flickr with Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube o Expand followers on new social media resources 4. Monitor Social Networking Websites o Research new opportunities Produce for Kids 2008