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  • 1. Development of House Style Task 3 - Planning

2. I will be using a deep red colour to connote the passion and romance in my film. This is so my audience get a clear idea as to what themes are involved in the film. Not only this, the colour red also connotes danger, adding to the tragic theme within my narrative as well. Dark grey will be another colour used in my poster. This is to connote the dark theme in my product.Colour scheme 3. I will be using a rose (or rose petals) as part of the iconography in my magazine cover and film poster. This is to send a message of romance to my audience without being extremely obvious by perhaps having a key image of the characters kissing. A rose has been a key part of consistent mise-en-scene in my video production therefore using it for my film posters will create similarity to the film. The rose also connotes love and passion and gives the audience an idea of the relationship the protagonists have with each other. It also allows the theme of romance to be show but keeps the tragic element hidden which would increase audience shock factor when the narrative begins to turn.Iconography 4. From my primary research into film posters it was expressed that my target audience like the idea of the font which matches the genre. This would imply that font should be fancy to portray romance or a love letter. However, when I attempted this during the post-production of my teaser trailer, my primary research suggested that my audience arent necessarily attracted to fancy font and would prefer some more professional and modern styles. A simple yet sophisticated font is conventionally used in modern romance films therefore I will not be challenging the conventional font styles for recent romance films. I may use the exact font which I used in my film production so that it creates continuity and consistency between both my production task and ancillary task.Font for Poster