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  • 1. Bastille All this Bad Blood: Digi pack analysisIn terms of Character the all this bad bloodalbum features 14 male hooded figures in thedistance on the back cover. They are all seenwalking away from the camera towards thelighter part of the image. This adds to themystery and gives the album a dark feel andperhaps suggests they are seeking some sort offorgiveness by walking towards the lighter partof the image. Despite this the image still has astrong use of low key lighting. The characters arestood in very masculine stances and lookstereotypically tough. Their proximity from eachother also suggests they are like an army as theyall seem to be in a formation. They also look as ifthey are looking down suggesting shame.Within the iconography of the album Digi pack the cover features an old American car ( Buick Riviera 71) and has anAmerican licence plate despite the band being British. This gives an idea of both sides of the American lifestyle; the firstbeing the image related consumerism of owning the vintage car for style and the other being Americas openness toviolence. The use of an old car, the darkness and use of a soft lens is iconic of the vintage style.The all this bad blood CD by bastille features twodisks; disk 1 Bad Blood and Disk 2 part 1: Allthis bad blood and part 2: other peoplesheartache. Disk 1 is matte black with a hard tosee patent looking text saying Bastille Badblood. The darkness suggests mystery and painwhich complements the CD cover. Disk 2 is whiteand red representing the blood on the snowshown on the cover. Separating the two coloursis transparent line that looks like a rip down themiddle which also gives connotations of pain.This also complements the name of the CD beingPart II: other peoples heart ache suggestingthe separation between the red and white couldrepresent the separation between yourheartache and anothers.The cover features a car that is damaged with abent American license plate. The car is parkedon a snowy cliff with mountains visible in thebackground. There are the cars skid marksvisible in the snow and a door is left opensuggesting someone may have fled the vehicle.Despite the car being parked in the snow it isnot the stereotypical white that would beexpected, suggesting that its not pure; maybedue to whatever events took place before thecar was abandoned. This is use of a narrativeenigma as it is limiting the audiences knowledgeas to what has happened and leaving the storyopen for interpretation.Both the front cover image and the back coverimage of the album are long shots. They haveused low key lighting and look as if they have avintage effect on them. This complements thevintage car on the cover.The cover and two CDs from the Bastille - all this bad blood albumalbum uses Laceys entire repertoire of elements to convey a feel ofpain and mystery. This is also apparent in the text used on the albumcover and CD. The font is quite sharp and serious and the A issubstituted for a triangle. This is iconic of the band and hassignificant meaning such as Male (being an all-male band) andmountain (as on the cover) . The term all this on the cover looks asif it has been scratched on the floor once again suggesting danger.The front cover is set on a snowy mountain cliffand the back on a long road compact with snow.

2. A selection of the inside pagesThe inner pages of the CD Digi pack continue to show Laceys repertoire of elements being;Characters, Narrative, Setting, Iconography and technical and audio codes. It also complementsthe front and back cover by continuing the themes they present. The inner pages use the samefont as the cover and list the song lyrics and who wrote, produced and edited them ETCThe first image shows lead singer (Dan Smith) singing to the audience with the rest of band andaudience in shot with various images (such as the Triangle logo overlaying it). The second imagecontinues the pain and mystery theme by showing a dead body floating in the pool and finallythe third image is an illustration that looks like an old 1920s style sci -fi poster continuing thevintage feel.The inside of the CD shows the same car as the cover but this time there is blood by the opendoor. This once again suggests pain and makes the snow appear less pure. The image on the rightof this shows a wolf on the top of the car. A wolf is symbolic of intelligence, threat and freedom.In conclusion I have found that the Bastille album has a strong use of Laceys repertoire ofelements as it uses all five top present its themes and challenge the audience with a narrativeenigma.By GeorgiaMcLaughlin