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  • 1. Digi pack analysis
    3242310-4445the didgi-pack that I have chosen to analyse is Ibiza chill. It is a typical large complementation CD cover and has an interesting idea to it. Having three CDs inside one paper case it is a good way to separate them and also makes the user or audience feel like that have more by simply giving them three little CDs as appose to one complicated case with lots of pivoting plastic slides they break easily it also allows easy access and reduces the amount of fiddling. Users can also see what songs are on each disk without looking at a large area on the back for all three disks
    29108403486785-45974084455the picture on the front of the cover is also typical to this type of CD not featuring an artist it pulls audiences into the CD to find out whats on it as appose to having someone they dont recognise and dismissing the album without looking. The title Ibiza chill is also going to pull the target audience in. Ibiza is known all over the world and all of the biggest artists play there. People who have been and people who want to go will be interested in this album also the picture used is a good way to set the mood for the type of music it is that point where the sun is just going down and the heat starts to reduce and the night life starts to kick in as people are getting ready to go out which reflects the music perfectly.
    Our group could adopt certain ideas out of this didgi-pack by copying the separate box idea. We are only having one CD so we would not use the other space we could maybe include a small book about out artists or with pictures and maybe lyrics. Or possibly we could include a poster of our artists.