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Media Studies A2 Media


  • 1. I first of all added a blank background layer in Photoshop and then left the opacity to 100% so that I could design it ontop of the background.By choosing a small blank space to open my image onto I have automatically given myself room for adjustment. I can do this after uploading an image and clicking CTRL + T. These function keys creates a box around the image and you can adjust the size in any direction to any scale of your choice.

2. I added one of the long exposure images that I took in my photo-shoot of the Christmas lights. By adding another layer it doesnt effect the background therefore I can add or erase anything that I want in any layer that I add and it would be white underneath. By having both of the eye symbols on in photoshop I can see both layers that I am working on and can make the other layers I dont want to see invisible, as if they were never there. 3. When layering image sin Photoshop and making them visible you have to change the layer opacity or the style. I chose to use a different style so that both images can be seen but with the same colouring. I did this by changing my image layered ontop to Linear Light. This is the second image that I layered on top of my original background in order to create a very obscure yet creative effect.I believe that the colours that I used in these images were eye catching and would intrigue my audience into looking further into the album and even watch the music video. 4. By then adding a third and last layer to my piece I have ended up with something completely different to what I first started with. I again changed the style in the images to create a multicoloured, swirled long exposure image that is interesting to the eye. The golden colour that was in the image has changed to a red and a pale blue with the Subtract style making the image more unique.Using these Photoshop techniques I can create things that look nothing like the original therefore I can experiment easily yet make something creative and something that looks pleasing to the eye. 5. These are some more images that I created using the same technique shown in the last four slides. I presented different styles for each image as well as effects, my own images that I have taken as well as different colour schemes. These images do not have any text on them at the moment never the less once I have edited further, imported fonts from Dafont.com and created my own fonts, they could be used as final front covers or a successful series of images together.