Digital and Information Literacy

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lecture conducted in the e-skills IP | 15 july 2013 | ESE-IPSantarm []


  • 1. e-skills IP - Competences for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Digital Society Digital and Information Literacy Dina Rocha and Ana Loureiro
  • 2. Information Literacy Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 2
  • 3. Information Literacy1 WHAT IS ? - ability to identify what information is needed; - understand how the information is organized; - identify the best sources of information for a given need; - locate those sources; - evaluate the sources critically; - and share that information. WHY IS IMPORTANT? - we are surrounded by a growing ocean of information in all formats; - not all information is created equal: some is authoritative, current, reliable, but some is biased, out of date, misleading, false; - the amount of information available is going to keep increasing; - The types of technology used to access, manipulate, and create information will likewise expand. 1 University of Idaho ,2013 Information literacy. Information Literacy Portal. url: Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 3
  • 4. Open Access SPARC - The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition articles and data are digital, online, free of charge for everyone and they are, free of most copyright and licensing restrictions which means, users are free to reuse as long as they give appropriate credits to the creator. Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2001 Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, 2003 IFLA International Federation Library Association Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 4
  • 5. Open Access Resources Libraries in the twenty-first century Biblioteca de Alexandria Biblioteca de Nova Iorque Biblioteca no Texas, Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 5
  • 6. Open Access Resources Digital Library WorldDigitalLibrary Free access to cultural treasures from libraries and museums around the world. Rare books, maps, manuscripts, photographs, and more on a multilingual site. UNESCO Europeana Europeana is a simple but powerful tool for finding resources from all over Europe. Books, journals, films, maps, photos, music etc. will be available for everyone to consult and to use, copyright permitting. Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 6
  • 7. Open Access Resources Repositories: preserves and provides the intellectual production, in full text and open access subject or institutional ROAR - Registry of Open Access Repositories promote the development of open access by providing timely information about the growth and status of repositories throughout the world DRIVER - Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research OpenDOAR - The Directory of Open Access Repositories is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 7
  • 8. Open Access Resources Journal Open Access DOAJ - Directory of open access journals rudit Scielo - Scientific Electronic Library Online Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 8
  • 9. Open Access Resources Databases Science Direct Open Access Databases references GoogleScholar Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 9
  • 10. Information Literacy1 Julho13- Dina Rocha /Ana Loureiro 10