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Presentation to NC- ACTE on the Draft NC Digital Learning Competencies


<ul><li> 1. Digital Teaching and LearningDigital Learning CompetenciesNC-ACTE Fall ForumSeptember 25, 2014Verna Lalbeharie</li></ul> <p> 2. Digital Teaching and Learning:About UsMISSION : The mission of the Division of Digital Teaching and Learning is tocollaborate to empower digital leadership, build educator capacity, and fosterpartnerships to support success for all learners.WHAT WE DO: Design and deliver professional development in support of digital teaching andlearning. Support key agency initiatives such as Home Base, NC Digital Competenciesfor Educators, the Governors Teachers Network, and the NC Digital LearningPlan. Provide support to LEA and Charter leadership teams in planning the transitionto digital teaching and learning. Advocate for innovative practices in library media and digital programs. Lead the field in implementing best practices in library media and digitalteaching and learning programs. 3. NC Digital Learning LandscapeDigitalLearning PlanTransition toDigitalMaterials(HB 44)DigitalLearningCompetencies(HB 23) 4. Process led by NCSUs Friday Institute for EducationalInnovation addressing: Standards for digital resources Process for curating resources Preparing teachers to leverage digital resources Costs, budgets, and funding Devices and network infrastructure Stakeholder engagement Transitions strategiesFor more info: 5. Session Law 2013-12An act stating the intent of the generalassembly to transition from funding textbooks tofunding digital learning in the public schools, asrecommended by the legislative researchcommission study committee on digital learningenvironments in public schools.House Bill 44 6. Session Law 2013-11An act directing the state board of education todevelop and implement digital teaching andlearning standards for teachers and schooladministratorsHouse Bill 23 7. Session Law 2013-11 HB 23 Significant critical step in formalizing digital learningas part of the core competencies and necessarytraining for all teachers Thoughtful development: final competencies need tobe real, actionable and provide meaningful measuresfor educators Competencies need to be fully integrated into allparts of teacher training and future professionaldevelopment. 8. Where are we? Current TimelineDraftCompetencies 2013-14Feedback andRevision2014-15 &amp;2015-2016 9. DRAFT: Digital Learning CompetenciesNorth Carolina educators:I. Utilize digital tools and resources to lead in their classrooms,schools, districts, and/or beyond.II. Create environments that support effective digital teaching andlearning for diverse populations.III. Utilize content-appropriate digital tools and resources.IV. Utilize digital tools and resources to facilitate learning.V. Utilize digital tools and resources to reflect on their practice. North Carolina administrators create conditions in their schools,and advocate in their districts and beyond, to support effectivedigital teaching and learning. 10. AlignmentDigital Learning Competencies(Draft)NC Professional Teaching StandardsI NC educators utilize digital tools andresources to lead in their classrooms,schools, districts, and/or beyond.Teachers demonstrate leadershipII NC educators create environments thatsupport effective digital teaching andlearning for diverse populations.Teachers establish a respectful environmentfor diverse population of studentsIII NC educators utilize content-appropriatedigital tools and resources.Teachers know the content they teachIV NC educators utilize digital tools andresources to facilitate learning.Teachers facilitate learning for their studentsV NC educators utilize digital tools andresources to reflect on their practice.Teachers reflect on their practice 11. Timeline: Next StepsDraftCompetencies2013-14Feedback andRevision2014-15Training andPilot2016-17Apply to alleducators 2017-182015-16 12. Closing Thoughts Were in this together Jointly responsible for implementing the DigitalLearning Competencies Call to Action: Your input and feedback is critical TODAY: Feedback Form( Help spread the word to your faculty peers Strategic Outreach over the next few months 13. CONTACT INFOVerna L. LalbeharieDirector, Digital Teaching &amp; LearningNC Department of Public Instruction6364 Mail Service CenterRaleigh NC 919.807.3270(F) 919.807.3290@vlalbeharie </p>