Digital Marketing vs Traditional marketing - who will win?

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  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Who will WIN? /blog/digital-marketing-vs-traditional-marketing/



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    Well, the answer is clear and known to almost all of us! Yet before reaching the final verdict lets debate on this topicwhether there is any tie or comparison between the latest marketing norms and the marketing through brick, mortar,and banners? When the clash is digital marketing vs traditional marketing, lets count on to the benefits of eachof them and then conclude.

    No matter what we have to agree to the fact that digital marketing trends were non-existent a decade ago and thesuddenly the world started to swing towards the digitalization. Does this mean Traditional marketing is dead? And ifNO, then which one is better?

    Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

    Traditional marketing refers to the brochures, business cards, magazines, commercials on TV and Radio, brochuresetc. Whereas digital marketing is all the things you see on digital media, social media etc. They are the most creativesolution to marketing for business.



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    While traditional marketing was quite costly and had a limited reach, the relevant cost of digital marketing strategy isfairly cheap and affordable even for small business. An advertisement newspaper is still costlier than placing an adonline.

    Greater Reach


  • Since the traditional media had limited reach, digital marketing gains an edge over it as digital media knows noboundaries and fetches the likely and unlikely customers. Just fraction the cost and multiply the reach!


    While we talk about the traditional marketing Media they needed time to reach the right customers, whereas theelectronic digital marketing travels at the speed of light and the audience can reach you with the blink of an eye.

    Track the Effectiveness


  • In the world of digital marketing , you can easily see and track the performance of your ad in real time whether itsworking or not! Unfortunately the traditional media lags in providing any such profitable benefit.



  • The biggest shortcoming with the traditional way of marketing was that it was targeted to a specific group of peoplewhich stunted the chances of business. Use digital marketing strategy, which also offers this opportunity butintegrates it with the public access so that anyone, any time can access the ad.

    Digital Marketing benefits

    Final words: Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

    While we cannot rule out the importance and efficiency of traditional media of marketing yet it is undeniable that thecontemporary world is totally relying on digital media and the future is surely the same! It has cutting edge and ticksall the right boxes seamlessly! Counting the benefits it offers something to every businessman.

    On Contrary, if you need help in combining both Digital marketing and Traditional marketing for your business, wehave got an article that will help you do this. Read it here.

    Must Eye on the Key thing if you are digital marketing aspirant

    Digital Marketing requires proper learning before being implemented on any end. You can go through an SEOtraining in Delhi to learn and attain the comprehensive techniques and skills of this field that are crucial to boostingthe performance of your marketing campaign.


    Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Who will WIN?Digital Marketing vs Traditional MarketingCostGreater ReachSpeedTrack the EffectivenessScopeDigital Marketing benefitsFinal words:Digital marketing vs Traditional marketingMust Eye on the Key thing if you are digital marketing aspirant