Digital media, digital literacy and youth

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<ul><li> 1. Digital Media, DigitalLiteracy and YouthEducators must become conscious individuals who live partof their dreams within their educational space</li></ul> <p> 2. My educational space(s) For over a decade I have workedwith youth and digital media. Recently that work has expanded toinclude the use of digital media incross cultural contexts. I am most interested in the power ofdigital media to articulate and shapethe world. 3. Gen M | Gen Z | Digital Natives Use technology 94% cell phone 23% smartphone 70% laptop 69% iPod or mp3 player 23% tablet 93% use the internet 80% use social networking 48% buy things online 21% remix 14% blog 8% visit virtual worlds 4. New skills for learning Evolving 21st century literacies Digital Cross cultural Collaborative Peer discovery, production Social 5. New ways of learning 6. Digital literacy 7. Range of digital engagement 8. Moving beyond lolcats 9. Youth Powered VideoCurriculum Standards based curriculum Lesson plans Handouts Rubrics Sample chapter download available Cost Image from Educational Video Center 10. Media in Action Curriculum Downloadable curriculum Explores issues of power, messaging Decidedly not neutral From the Global Action ProjectImage from Global Action Project 11. 4-H Storytelling/Documentary Message/program specific High level of access to toolsand technologies 12. Nicaragua Technology as novelty Self expression Low level of access to tools andtechnologies 13. Digital as bridge Digital technologies can mediate and bridgerelationships across cultures. But. 14. Connecting to the worldBringing it all back home? 15. References/Resources Berkman Center Youth and Media Project Global Action Project | Media in Action Curriculum Educational Video Center | Youth Powered Video Curriculum Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action Pew Internet and American Life Project Hackasarus 16. A couple books Designing Digital Experiences for Positive Youth Development:From Playpen to Playground Marina Umaschi Bers Digital and Media Literacy: Connecting Culture and Classroom Renee Hobbs Teaching Youth Media | A Critical Guide to Literacy, VideoProduction &amp; Social Change - Steven Goodman Literacy in a Digital World: Teaching and Learning in the Age ofInformation Kathleen Tyner </p>


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