Digital Storytelling with iPads

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<ul><li> 1. Stories, Digital Storytelling and the iPad Dr. Cynthia Garrety The Learning Commons FHSUThursday, September 29, 11</li></ul> <p> 2. Thursday, September 29, 11 3. Peter Reynolds Author of Ish, The Dot and The North StarThursday, September 29, 11 4. What is Digital Storytelling in a nutshellThursday, September 29, 11 5. The IdeaThe importance of Story Circles and RehearsalThursday, September 29, 11 6. StorymappingJason Ohler, 2007Thursday, September 29, 11 7. Storyboarding 5/5/11$ what is heardwhat is seensourcesource1$Thursday, September 29, 11 8. Storyboarding on an iPad?Storyboard iSBMindmapping/Storymapping ProiSB Pro: $2.99Mindmeister: $7.99MindMash: $FREESimpleMind: $FREEThursday, September 29, 11 9. Gathering MediaPhotographsScanned images ofchildrens drawingsKidPix or other drawingprogramShort Video Clipsimport onto the iPadsTotal Length (2-3 minutes)Thursday, September 29, 11 10. iPads and Storytelling Free and Not-So-Free AppsThursday, September 29, 11 11. Focus on the Story Easy to get caught up in the bells and whistlesThursday, September 29, 11 12. Apps, Apps, and more Everyday!Build a Story $3.99My PhotoStory $1.99Puppet Pals $FREEStoryBuddy$3.99I Tell a Story$2.99Toontastic$3.99Thursday, September 29, 11 13. Theres an App for That!JpgStory $0.99Flat Stanley $1.99iMovie $4.99StoryMakerHD $FREEComicLife$7.99Pictello $14.99StoryPatch $2.99Thursday, September 29, 11 14. Okay, its fun BUT...Learning?increases comprehension and vocabulary developmentrehearsal before recording narration helps develop readingfluencystorymapping helps develop reading comprehension byphysically writing the story in a format that is easily understood.childrens stories can be mapped for practiceThursday, September 29, 11 15. Digital Storytelling Rubric Student Name:________________________________________ CATEGORY20 15105Subtotal Point of View - Establishes aEstablishes a There are a few It is difficult to figure Purpose purpose early on purpose early onlapses in focus, but out the purpose of and maintains aand maintains the purpose is fairly the presentation. clear focusfocus for most of clear. throughout.the presentation. Voice - PacingThe pace (rhythm OccasionallyTries to use pacing No attempt to match and voicespeaks too fast or(rhythm and voice the pace of the punctuation) fitstoo slowly for thepunctuation), but itstorytelling to the the story line and story line. The is often noticeable story line or the helps thepacing (rhythmthat the pacing audience. audience reallyand voice does not fit the "get into" the punctuation) is story line. Audience story. relatively engaging is not consistentlyfor the audience. engaged. ImagesImages create aImages create anAn attempt wasLittle or no attempt distinct atmosphere or made to use to use images to atmosphere ortone that matches images to create an create an tone that matchessome parts of the atmosphere/tone appropriate different parts of story. The images but it needed moreatmosphere/tone. the story. The may communicate work. Image choice images may symbolism and/oris logical. communicatemetaphors. symbolism and/or metaphors. Economy The story is toldThe story The story seems toThe story needs with exactly the composition isneed more editing.extensive editing. It right amount oftypically good, It is noticeably toois too long or too detail throughout. though it seems tolong or too short inshort to be It does not seem drag somewhat more than one interesting. too short nor does OR need slightlysection. it seem too long.more detail in oneor two sections. Grammar Grammar andGrammar and Grammar and Repeated errors in usage were usage wereusage weregrammar and usage correct (for the typically correct typically correct but distracted greatly dialect chosen)(for the dialecterrors detractedfrom the story. and contributed to chosen) and from story. clarity, style and errors did not characterdetract from the development. story.Final Score:, September 29, 11 16. Aristotle: wisdom was necessarilycreated with myths and storiesPlato: had concerns that the movefrom oral to written stories wouldcompromise thinking and learningGardner: stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leaders arsenal Ohler: I know only one thing aboutthe technologies that await us in the future: We will nd ways to tellstories with them.Thursday, September 29, 11 17. Thursday, September 29, 11 </p>


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