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Learning Cloud is one such endeavor that offers a spectrum of expert designed programs, from accounting courses and engineering courses to certifications and diplomas in a variety of other fields. Enroll for new online courses at Learning Cloud and make your future bright.


  • 1. Discover A Fun New Way To Learn Through Learning Cloud

2. The Learning Cloud Experience Learning is best done in an environment where the student feels at home and Learning Cloud offers exactly this. You could access the training materials from anywhere with the help of a computer or even a smart mobile device connected to the internet. If youre considering engineering courses in Australia that would not only impart the crucial knowledge but would also provide certifications that will be recognized by the government as well as the employers, then you should definitely consider a course here. 3. A Wide Variety of Courses The idea behind Learning Cloud is to create a learning environment on the cloud, for various disciplines. It not only offers online Microsoft courses and other technical courses, but also seeks to help students of many different fields. Accounting, agricultural, aviation, design, ecotourism, environment and wildlife, fitness, health, horticulture, etc, are just a few of the many courses that you could access through Learning Cloud. Each course would impart the necessary soft skills in relation to the particular field and could also certify your learning. The diplomas and certificates offered by Learning Cloud are recognised by not just the Australian government, but employers, universities and registered training organizations too. 4. Diplomas And Certifications A few years ago, courses offered over the internet were not nearly as effective as they are today. This is because such courses of yesteryears ignored the aspect of certifications. While they were still effective in training the student, after the completion of the course, the students found it difficult to prove their qualifications and apply for a job. However, Learning Cloud is an evolution from that stage, and is quite a comprehensive platform for professional learning. 5. Enrollment For Online Courses Enrol in any of the online courses, and you would receive valid certificates that would help you make a career in this field. There are different levels of courses that would give you a statement of attainment, a certificate, or a diploma. Learning is one of the most important aspects of being human, and with the internet, we have a very effective platform that could add more value to the process of learning. 6. Website : Phone No.:1300 650 569 Fax:02 8072 2109 / (02) 8875 7700 Postal Address : Level Avaya House 123 Epping Road North Ryde, NSW, 2113