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  1. 1. Curriculum in Indonesia will be drasticallychanged. Ministry of education and culture of Indonesia has developed a new curriculum for 2013. Reason of the ministry, the education curriculum should be adapted to the times. As times change, the curriculum should be based on strong of the reasoning is no longer memorization alone. Curriculum change is getting a lot of positive and negative feedback from students inIndonesia.
  2. 2. Fromthe positive side, this curriculum changes made to change the pattern of Indonesian children learn from memorizing only be interesting with reasoning and asked, and this curriculum Indonesian children make creative thinking by relying on his senses. This curriculum does not burden the students, so that students are morefocused on the future challenges of the nation, and not to burdenthe teacher education curriculum unit level.
  3. 3. And on the negativeside,this curriculumchange can run and only suitable forchildrenwho come fromthe middle class to the top of the course, as is also already implementedat an international school in Indonesia.But not otherwise, the new curriculum will be difficult to develop on the corners of the school. Difficultfor students, because schoolhours whenstudents have added a time limit on concentration in learning. Throw time students in school to learn and followthe provisions requiredextracurricular Curriculum 2013.
  4. 4. We thinkyou should just use theold curriculum but enhancedand improved if thereis less, not replace it witha new curriculum for thenew curriculum is not necessarily improve the quality of educationin Indonesia.
  5. 5. Thanks for your attention