Don’t Let Your Kids Get Dumber This Summer! 4 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

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4 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

Each summer, about 80% of children lose some amount of reading proficiency due to lack of use.11Read for Success: Combating the Summer Learning Slide in America. Reading is Fundamental, 2015.Here are four simple ways your kids can still enjoy summer while keeping their minds engaged!

Erin Moller () - I'm not in love with the colors, so if they don't work let me know!1Turn your vacation into a field trip!Summer is the time to explore, and with new adventures comes new learning opportunities! Visit a national park and lead them through a new ecosystem. Maybe even have them keep a notebook of all the cool things they learn!

2Start a summer project!How do you spend your summer when you are not out exploring?Try starting a summer art project with your kids, or maybe help them pick up a new skill! Let them choose the project, then make sure to supervise the process to ensure safety and mastery of concepts.

3Long car ride? Theres an app for that!Lets face it, summer is adventures, and the rest of the time is spent traveling. Pick out some fun problem solving games before the long drive ahead! Your kids will stay engaged, plus you can avoid the inevitable, Are we THERE yet?

4Let the students become the teachers!Whatever activities you choose, be sure to check their learning. Let them guide you through what they are doing and ask questions!


Start a summer project!


Turn your vacation into a field trip!


Long car ride? Theres an app for that!


Let the students become the teachers!

Make summer yours!

Make summer your own!

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