Downtown Detroit

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Text of Downtown Detroit

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  • Area: 3.6 km.
  • Population: 6.147/Density: 1.677/km2
  • Contains much historical architectures and skyscrapers of Detroit.
  • Has been growing in recent years.
  • Home to 6.500 residents, 80.500 workers 21% of Detroits employment.
  • Headquarter of many banks and big companies such as GM Motors, Comerica Bank


  • Crime in downtown Detroit is much lower than state, national average.
  • Number of new homes, buildings and skyscrapers is increasing.
  • House density is relatively high.

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  • Parking problem and traffic congestion due to high number of vehicles.
  • Public transportation doesnt provide enough for residents.
  • Doesnt have enough housing for residents.
  • Police brutality.
  • Crime problems (racism, gangs)
  • Homelessness.

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  • Increase parking areas with more advanced technical.
  • More housed have been built with fair price.
  • More walking areas.
  • More metro lines are being built.
  • More jobs are provided.
  • Stricter laws focus on police violence on residents.

Back 7. An old building of Detroit CBD A downtown street with typical semi-detached houses. A traffic congestion on a road to downtown Detroit 8 Mile road-popularfor its danger due to gangs and crimes 8. Problems Solutions Gallery Introduction Choosean option