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My Dream School

How are you today?I am _______.How are you?

MathRussianEnglishSocial StudiesArtPELiteratureLunchRecess

Match the words with the pictures:

Do pull ups

Do push ups

Climb the rope

Do sit-upsWhat do you do in your PE class?-We stretch. Squat down

Jump rope


Read the Times

= quarter = half00:15 fifteen00:30 thirty00:45 forty-five

Ask questions about your school:What time do you go to school? What time do you finish school? How many classes do you have every day?I have _____ classes every day. What do you do at recess/PE?I I go to school atI finish school at

MathRussianEnglishSocial StudiesArtPELiteratureLunchRecess

DancingPlay placeKaraokePaintballChocolate fountainRocketiPads for all studentsMatching:My Dream School

What do you see in the picture?

Ask and Answer:My Dream SchoolDo you want .. at your fantasy school?-Yes, I do.-No, I dont. I want at my fantasy school.

My Fantasy School: What time do you want to go to fantasy school?What time do you want to finish? How many classes do you want to have?I want to have _____ classes every day. I will go to my Fantasy School atI want to finish at

Rocket iPad timeDisco DanceKaraokePlay PlacePaintballGame time

Watch the video: My Schoolhttps://youtu.be/ahtIGvV-WeM

backpackpencil casescissorstextbookcrayonsmarkerscolored pencils gluesharpenereraserrulerpencilMy Backpack

RulerPencilTextbookScissorsPencil caseCrayonsEraserGlueBackpack MarkersColored pencilsSharpener

What do you have in your backpack?a pencil and an eraser

I have

Read the conversation between Tony and Alice. Alice: Do you mind if I borrow the blue crayon?Tony: No, I dont mind. Alice: May I also borrow your scissors?Tony: Okay, The scissors are in my backpack.Alice: Would it be okay if I get them?Tony: Sure! No problem.Alice: Would it be okay if I use your eraser and sharpener?Tony: OkayAlice: May I please borrow your textbook for our next class?Tony: I would prefer that you didnt.Alice: Okay.Tony: May I borrow your glue? Alice: No. I would prefer if you did not. Question: Does Tony let Alice borrow his textbook?

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