Driving Leads & Sales With Smart Marketing

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This presentation covered trends and best practices for Social Media, Content Marketing, Search & PPC to increase traffic and quality leads to your website.


<ul><li> 1. DRIVING LEADSAND SALES WITHSMART MARKETINGAndyHalko@andyhalkoInsivia@insivia</li></ul> <p> 2. BE THERE OR BE SQUAREOctober 28thStrategic PlanningCreating Your Ultimate Revenue RoadmapNov 20thSales HacksClose More DealsFull schedule at www.insivia.com/seminar 3. THINK SMART.ACT BOLD. 4. REVENUE MAPPING 5. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCEGo deep and dont guess.! 6. GENERAL vs. TARGETED 7. FreeAuditFormVideo+DownloadPPCE-MailLANDINGPAGEVERSIONSMailerAdsSocialPersonalSession1DayReport10DaysServices30DaysSchedule1DayDownload30DaysWhitePaper60DaysFreeAudit1DaySchedule10DaysReminder60DaysFreeAudit90DaysScheduleAWARENESSCONVERSIONNURTURINGCLOSINGSALESTEAM+CRM+PROPOSAL 8. CONTENTVALUABLEUNIQUERELEVANTSEARCHINBOUND LINKSSOCIAL SHARESPHRASE FOCUSEDSOCIALPOSTSSHARESVIRALE-MAILCONTENTSEGMENTSAUTOMATIONCONTENTSEGMENTSPROFILESPPCLANDINGPAGESSALESFOLLOW UPSTRADITIONALTRADE SHOWDIRECT MAILWORKSHOPS 9. The best place to hidea dead body is page 2of search results 10. So, How Does Your SiteEarn Google Cash?relevancevalue to searcherexperienceIs this what I was looking for?Is this useful or entertaining?Was the site easy to use? 11. Know What Matters 12. PAY-PER-CLICK WORKSWHY CAN PPCWORK SO WELLHIGHLY TARGETABLEDETAILED TRACKINGBUDGETEDTESTABLEINSTANTEXTERNAL INSIGHT$ 1,000 Initial Investment$ 1.00 CPC = 1,000 Clicks10% Lead Conversion = 100 Leads8% Close Conversion = 8 Sales$ 1,200 Average Sale$ 9,600 in Sales$ 8,600 Return On InvestmentOptimize, Increase Budget, Win 13. QUALITY BEATS CASH 14. QUALITY SAVES CASH 15. 40% OF B2B MARKETERS RATEDTHE LEADS GENERATED BY EMAILMARKETING AS HIGH QUALITY.IMPROVING EMAIL OPEN RATESUBJECT LINETell, dont sell.SENDERFamiliarity.HISTORYDont burn bridges. 16. E-MAILS THAT INCLUDESOCIAL SHARING BUTTONS HAVE158% HIGHER CLICK-THROUGH RATES.Limit the ActionsUse ImagesRelevant, Engaging + ValuableSegment &amp; Target InformationInclude Social SharingTest &amp; MeasureCLICK-THROUGHRATESAVERAGE IS1% 4% 17. The shift from outbound to inbound!Buy Beg Bug Earn!Shouting your message !out, and hoping your !customers hear it.!Creating something that !draws the customer to you.! 18. VALUE IS KINGHelp me solve a problem!!Teach me something new!!Tell me a story!!Show me something Ive never seen before!!Make me laugh, or cry, or cheer! 19. PERSONA FOCUSED VALUEIf it doesnt fit their need, !it is a huge hole in your funnel.! 20. LowesHomeImprovementisalsoshowcasingthemselvesasinnovaNveVinecreators.TheycreatedaVinecampaignbasedonhomeimprovementNps,andstartedusingthehashtag#lowesfixinsix.hUps://vine.co/v/bU61aqq2YOp 21. ALSICEBUCKETCHALLANGEQDOBACHEESECONTEST 22. TRY HOOTSUITE 23. NURTURE LEADS!50% of leads are qualifiedbut are not ready to buy.!95%Of prospects visiting yourwebsite are there to research.!Todays prospects are !unlikely to buy until the last! 1/3thepurchasingprocess. 24. BUILD A SYSTEM 25. GATHERINFORMATIONORGANIZEKNOWLEDGECROWDSOURCEIDEASMANAGEPLANSMEET PLANBOLD 26. GET A FREESEO AUDITinsivia.com/seo-auditAndyHalko@andyhalkoInsivia@insivia </p>