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Dusjagr on Hackteria @ biofilia / Aalto

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An extensive overview of Hackteria and related project around Open Source Biological Art 1st: my own background and activities bridging science, art and education and how I ended up hunting rabbits in Helsinki. 2nd: Hackerspaces bridging digital- and biotechnologies 3rd: Hackteria, history and projects, NanoSmano, BioTehna, Art/Sci education 4th: HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta 5th: Background and outlook of urban hunting

Text of Dusjagr on Hackteria @ biofilia / Aalto

  • 1. HackteriaOverview of Different Ways to Share & Create KnowledgeDr. Marc R. Dusseiller aka

2. Share is in the Airdiy* festival 3. Fields of Activitydusjagr labs transdisciplinary Scholar and Artist Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art SGMK | MechArtLab, diy* festival PlayAround 2010 Taipei| DIWO Culture Dock18 | Raum fr Medienkultur FHNW, HLS | wetPONG HybridGames, MicroandNanotechnology and Life Sciences ZHdK | SlowGames ETH Zrich | Traditional Materials 4. DIY Biology | Generic Laboratory Infrastructure* Website* Knowledge Sharing* Instructions* Workshopology* Citizen Science* DIY Lab Instruments* Open Source Hardware* Global networkArtists, Designers, Hackers, Researchers, Makers, Teachers, Geeks and YOURadical Transdisciplinarity 5. AcknowledementsHackteriaLab 2011 // dusjagr visits YogyaThe Art of Fermentation, Oechslemeters and tropical Agriculture 6. AcknowledementsYashas Shetty, Srishti, Center for Everything, Bangalore, IndiaAndy Gracie, hostprods, Gijon, SpainUrs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue, pela Petri, PeiWenLiu, Brain Degger, Mac Cowell, Paula Pin, RdigerTrojok, Denisa Kera, Bengt Sjolen, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Robertina Sebjanic and maaaany more!Nur Akbar Arrofattulah, Agus Tri Budiarto (, Andreas Siagian, Grace Samboh, Togar MuhammadHidayat, Irfan Dwidya Prijambada (UGM), HONF (House of Natural Fiber), YogyakartaStefan Doepner, Bostjan Lekovsek, Dominik Mahnic, Ljudmila, Kapelica Gallery, LjubljanaMarkus Haselbach, Effi Tanner, Christoph Sthli, Tobias Hoffmann and all MechatronikerMediaLab Prado, Jaaga, Ljudmila, FHNW, EPFL, HSLU, ETHZMarcus Textor, Janos Vrs, ETH ZrichFunding by: Migros Kulturprozent, BAK, Pro Helvetia, Stadt Zrich, Autodesk, KulturRaumSH, ArtsCollaboratory, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, EPFL 7. Hurray to the Amateurs... 8. Life Sciences / WetwareBiology, Medicine Pharmaceutics, Food & Agriculture 9. How I ended up hunting Rabbits in HEL 10. First Transdisciplinary Experiences bridgingMaterial Science and Biology 11. The NanoBioInterfaceLaboratory for Surface Science and Technology, ETHZMarcus Textor, Janos Vrs, Viola Vogel, Nic Spencer 12. Design of Cellular Patterns 2DHeLa Cells on patterned substrate, 20 hours timelapseAlexa Kiss, Gabor Csucs, ETHZ 13. How to make Cheese... 14. Hackerspaces crossingDigitalandBiotechnology 15. Hacking 16. HackOriginally:A quick job that produces what is needed, but not well.1950s:Amateur radio enthusiasts defined the term hacking as creatively tinkeringto improve performance.Hacker's jargon:"A clever solution to a problem."An appropriate application of ingenuity. 17. HackerSoftware Passwords, programming, networks,information, securityHardware DIY, radio, satellites, 3Dprinters,openManufacturingWetware DNA sequencing and modifikation, syntheticlife forms, genetic code/data, securitySocial Engineering Context displacement, political activism,media art, public oppinion making 18. Hacker"Hacker ist jemand, der versucht, einen Weg zu finden, wie man mit einerKaffeemaschine Toast zubereiten kann"A hacker is someone who tries to find a way to use a coffeemachine to make toastWau Holland, cccA hacker is someone, who has joy in the circumvention of limitations..Robert Bickford 19. Hackerspaces / Makerspaces 20. cccb / cbaseBerlin 21. Noisebridge San Franscisco 22. NYC resistors New York 23. Jaaga Bangalore 24. DIYbio global maillist 25. Other labs... DIY bio general 2009 26. Other labs... BioCurious, Bay Area 2012 27. PhosphoFluoroBioChemowhaddalescence?It's glowing! It must be some product of an evil mad scientist!Eduardo Kac 28. PhosphoFluoroBioChemowhaddalescence?It's glowing! It must be some product of an evil mad scientist!BioCurious and others | ETC group 29. BioLuminescence HacksIt's glowing! It must be some product of an evil mad scientist!Brian Degger, Tuuli Utrainen, Asa Calow, Urs Gaudenz 30. La Paillasse ParisLa Paillasse | Open Space for Biology and Biotechnologies 31. BioPunk Workshop IMM_Media lab, Zagrebdusjagr, Kristijan Tkalec, Gjino uti and the IMM gang 32. Pechblenda Lab Calafou, SpainTransHack Feminist Pin, Klau, Julito 33. DIY tissue engineering UR Institute, ZagrebGjino Sutic and the Radiona Team 34. Makerspaces, FabLabs, Innovation Hubs 35. OpenPCR 36. Hackerspaces A Swiss Version? 37. Workshops for Artists, Kids and Geeks 38. MechArtLab 39. Technology outreach for Children 40. HackteriaOpen Source Biological Art 41. Background: Interactivos?'09 42. Interactivos?'09 >Deep DataAndy Gracie, Deep Data 2009 ongoinga project arc exploring microorganisms and deep space 43. Deep Data >Drosophila TitanicusAndy Gracie, Drosophila Titanicus 2011 ongoinga project arc exploring space exploration and astrobiology 44. ArtScience Bangalore | IGEMIGEM 2009 // 2010 // 2011 // Biomod 2011Yashas Shetty (IN), Mukund Thatai (IN) and Srishi Students 45. (Art)ScienceBLR IGEM2010 46. Synthetic Biology & IGEMIGEM since 2005 | E.chromi: competition, meanwhile more and more designers & artists 47. Jugaad 48. Hack vs. Jugaad"Jugaad is a survival tactic, whereas a hack is an intellectual art form;i.e. Jugaad is the wile of the poor, and hack the pastime of the affluentcerebral. Jugaad is a hack to get around or deal with a lack of orlimited resources, and has a class component to it jugaadare thingspoor but clever people do to make the most of the resources theyhave. They do what they need to do, without regard to what issupposed to be possible."from WikipediaFrom Jugaad to Systematic Innovation 49. DIY microscopyRepositioning of the lens turns acheap webcam into a microscope 50. DIY microscopyBuild a stable stage for fine focuing, example from ArtSci BLR 51. DIY GeneGunVersion 1 looks cool, but not so functional. Version 2 with cream blower works fine.Rdiger Trojok, Freiburg/Copenhagen/Berlin 52. Jugaad PCR ThermocyclerCheap PCR thermocycler from hacked hairdryer // in progress...Bengt Sjolen (SE), Mac Cowell (US), Sachiko Hirosue (JP/CH) 53. DIY implants? Tooth hacking?Claude Treptow, poolloop Festival 2011, Zurich 54. DIY Gel Electrophoresis BoxSeparation of DNA fragments in electric field by size/charge, or food coloring :)dusjagr 55. Mobile Labs HackingAngkringanMobileKitchenLab Workshop // MicroCells#02, YogyakartaMarc Dusseiller (CH), Denisa Kera (CZ/SG), HONF team (ID) 56. House of Natural Fiber Yogyakarta 57. Haemocytometer PS3 Eye HacksCollaboration with House of Natural Fiber and UGM, Yogyakarta 58. 63DIY Fermentation Wine MakingCollaboration with House of Natural Fiber, and UGM, YogyakartaWinner of Transmediale Award 2011, IB:SC 59. Yogyakarta 60. Blood Sorting Device LowCostDiagnosticsWorkshop on PointofCareDiagnostics, Nairobi, Kenya, 2012 61. GynePUNK Home (POC) DiagnosticsPechblenda / AnarchaGland 62. The Grand Challenges 63. EnergySalmisaari power plant in Helsinki, 2008 nuagevert.orgNuage Vert by HeHe (Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen) 64. Environment / ClimateVideo Installation about the Gaia theory of James LovelockGaia theory: The Breathing Planet I by Raymond Brouwersc 65. Water / SanitationCitizen Science Project, Yogyakarta 2011 ongoingJogja River Project by 66. Information and Communication TechnologiesWeise7 Studio exhibition in Labor Berlin, Transmediale 2012The Transparency Grenade by Julian Oliver 67. Health Care, where, for who, how muchDIY medical devices by Jose GomezMarquez,MIT 68. How to start a Bio/Art/Hack Community LabKIBLIX 2011 Festival as a LaboratoryWhere is People? 69. How to start a NanoLab in a galleryNanomano, NanoPunk and the Hacking of Future, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia 70. 75wetPONG DIY Lasercutter for FluidicsCollaboration with Urs Gaudenz, GaudiLabs and FHNW, HLS 71. How to start a NanoLab in a former gay barNanomano mallMatter, Mestni trg 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Presented by: Kapelica Gallery 72. How to start a NanoLab in a gardenStefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Botjan Leskovek, Romie Litrell, Bengt Sjln, Paula Pin 73. Build a house and put a roofStefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Botjan Leskovek, Romie Litrell, Bengt Sjln, Paula Pin 74. Make some shelves and ready to startStefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Botjan Leskovek, Romie Litrell, Bengt Sjln, Paula Pin 75. Education at the Art/Sci InterfaceEar on Arm, ongoing projectStelarc 76. The Art of EducationEducation is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time thatnothing that is worth knowing can be taught.OOssccaarr WWiillddee,, TThhee CCrriittiicc aass AArrttiisstt,, 11889900IIrriisshh ddrraammaattiisstt,, nnoovveelliisstt,, && ppooeett ((11885544 -- 11990000)) 77. BioTehna Lab Ljubljana, 2012 nowPlatform for Artistic Research on Life SystemsKapelica Gallery, Hackteria, Kiberpipa and various local and international Partners 78. BioTehna / hackteria & KapelicaMaSm Metatransformation, 2011. Produced by Kapelica GalleryMaja Smrekar, pela Petri 79. BioCyberKidzz | Body EnhancementsHackteria BioLab // Create Your World | Ars Electronica Festival 2011, Linzpela Petri, Maja Smrekar, Marc Dusseiller, Yashas Shetty 80. BioCyberKidzz | Yeast Powered BalloonsHackteria BioLab // Create Your World | Ars Electronica Festival 2011, Linzpela Petri, Maja Smrekar, Marc Dusseiller, Yashas Shetty 81. BioCyberKidzz | Living JeweleryPOTATO STARCH MEDIUM:Slice potatoes and boil them in 1 L of water for 1 h; drainthe liquid through a sieve and gauze to get rid of thepotatoes; add 10g of sugar and 13g of agar; stir; pour liquidin glass container,